Submittable Helps Companies Boost Morale by Maximizing Employee Engagement in Corporate Volunteering

Easy-to-use software platform makes participation simple, fun and meaningful for the 77% of today’s workers who say company-sponsored volunteer activities are essential.

Submittable, the software company helping thousands of organizations worldwide launch, manage and measure social impact programs,enhanced its top-rated platform with a new corporate volunteering solution, making it easy, fun and meaningful for employees to participate in corporate social responsibility.

While 90% of companies have a volunteer program in place, and 77% of workers cite these programs as essential to wellbeing, only 17% of employees participate, according to a report from Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose. Submittable addresses this challenge with a platform that makes it easy for employees to engage, and easy for companies to manage.

“Employee volunteer programs only succeed through high participation; most fail not through lack of effort and desire, but because it’s difficult to wrangle competing priorities, opportunities and resources,” said Sam Caplan, VP of Social Impact at Submittable. “Technology can eliminate the barriers to make the volunteering process simple, so companies can dramatically scale engagement and reap the benefits in improved morale, retention, recruiting and brand loyalty.”

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Submittable’s volunteer platform automates manual program administration and empowers employee participation through a clean, modern interface and powerful underlying tools. Employees or Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can create their own opportunities and recruit others, while the easy sign-up, centralized information and streamlined processes drive participation. Built-in reporting for both admins and employees makes it easy to see, understand and measure impact, further strengthening engagement. Through it all, the volunteering process is efficient, accessible, fair and inclusive, while remaining data driven and secure.

Companies running volunteering programs can use Submittable to realize significant benefits, including improved employee morale, increased customer retention, and competitive advantage in recruiting efforts. Not to mention the improved efforts to help local communities and those in need.

“Volunteering can be a truly transformative experience for employees that lasts a lifetime, but instead it is often a transactional experience fulfilling a corporate checklist,” said Chris Jarvis, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Realized Worth, shared on Submittable’s Impact Audio podcast. “As employees continue to look for meaningful connections between work and addressing issues in their communities, corporate social responsibility must become more central, and technology is crucial in driving those programs efficiently and at scale.”

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The new platform enables a seamless, end-to-end volunteering experience for new or existing programs through:

  • Easy set-up and administration – Admins set permissions and add partner nonprofit profiles or ERGs; admins or employees can create events in a few simple steps, then associate those events with nonprofits or ERGs.
  • Transparent sign-up – Employees can browse events, learn about opportunities, see participation and sign up for causes that matter to them with a single click; follow-up emails provide all the necessary details.
  • Purposeful participation – Employees can volunteer with their team or with colleagues they don’t usually work with to get to know them; when the event arrives, employees volunteer together, building a sense of shared purpose and making a difference in their community.
  • Measurable impact – Employees can track used and available Volunteer Time Off (VTO), upcoming or past events, and even log external volunteering on their own impact dashboard; admins can report on the volunteering impact company-wide, including across causes, ERGs, nonprofits, VTOs and locations.

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