Splashtop Enterprise Delivers A Comprehensive Remote Access and Remote Support Solution

Flexible licensing model lets businesses and educational organizations select their mix of secure remote access and remote support software.

Splashtop Inc., a worldwide leader in remote access and remote support solutions, today released an all-new Splashtop Enterprise, a comprehensive remote access and remote support solution that meets the IT staff, help desk, and end-user remote-access needs of businesses; and Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs for educational institutions.

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“The demand for remote access has increased tremendously since the start of the pandemic—and so has the need for flexibility in how organizations use remote-access solutions,” said Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop. “Splashtop Enterprise was born from the need for a single high-performance solution that allows organizations to choose their own mix of work-from-home and IT and help desk remote support tools. Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs also includes remote computer lab access tools with scheduling capabilities.”

Splashtop Enterprise is a secure, flexible, and feature-rich solution designed for organizations with multiple remote-access needs. For instance, with Splashtop Enterprise:

  • Employees in industries and job titles of all kinds can productively work from home with high-performance remote access to their workstations
  • IT departments can provide remote support to users’ computers and mobile devices.
  • Help desk staff can provide on-demand remote support to users, no matter where they are located.

Additionally, with Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs, educational institutions can:

  • Enable students and instructors to remotely access on-campus computer lab workstations and software.
  • Enable IT staff to schedule remote computer lab access as well as provide remote technical support for both on-campus and remote users.

Benefits of Splashtop Enterprise

With Splashtop Enterprise, organizations and educational institutions get a high-performance, secure solution that’s easy to deploy and scale and that meets multiple remote access needs. Benefits of Splashtop Enterprise include:

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  • Employees can access Windows, Mac, and Linux computers located in their workplaces and use the applications and data as if they were sitting in front of the physical computer.
  • IT teams can manage all users, computers, and devices using a centralized admin console, providing effective internal support with remote endpoint management capabilities.
  • On-demand quick support features allow IT teams to provide helpdesk support to employees’ computers and mobile devices. Organizations can also integrate this capability with their ticketing and PSA systems, and thereby into their existing ITSM framework and processes.
  • Splashtop Enterprise accounts can be integrated with Single Sign-On identity providers for centralized authentication and improved security.
  • Features including grouping, granular access permissions, and scheduling make it easy for IT to manage large teams of employees or groups of students.
  • Flexible licensing options allow organizations to choose any number of named end-user licenses and concurrent technician licenses.
  • With Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs, educational institutions can choose concurrent student licensing and schedule timeslots for students and faculty members to access lab computers.

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