Shiftsmart Attracts One Million Hourly Workers to Power Platform Designed for the Modern Workforce

The leading labor management platform serving the modern workforce, announced that it reached a milestone of one million workers on its platform —up from 500,000 workers in September 2021. The company reached this significant milestone in Q1 2022, doubling its workforce in just six months as more workers seek flexibility and choice in their employment opportunities.

Founded in 2015, Shiftsmart was built to empower today’s workers by helping them maximize income opportunities through increased flexibility and choice, while providing employers with the ability to tap into a larger pool of qualified workers across their core labor operations.

Aakash Kumar, CEO and Founder of Shiftsmart, said, “This record growth reflects an evolving new workforce. Modern workers prioritize flexibility and independence over a long-term static relationship with a single employer. As a result, employers are rethinking traditional roles and structures.”

“Through the Shiftsmart platform, qualified workers can find opportunities across a number of industry verticals and positions. They can get trained fast, choose their shifts, create their own schedules, and get paid in days, not weeks. The Shiftsmart platform is attractive to today’s entrepreneurial-minded workers, who want to take control of their time, learn new skills, and adjust their schedules up and down in relation to their personal needs.”

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Companies are benefiting from the platform as well. The tight labor market and record-high churn rates are creating an unprecedented demand for skilled workers. Companies are being forced to get more creative in how they fill work shifts and structure their roles. With its fractionalized approach, the Shiftsmart platform connects companies with skilled workers for only as long as they are needed, helping to increase fulfillment, reduce turnover, and improve quality. The platform’s dynamic, marketplace-based scheduling feature allows companies to adjust their workforce up or down in minutes based on their needs. It lets companies fill shifts quickly, meet employee flexibility needs, reward top workers, and manage large, geographically distributed workforces with ease.

The rapid growth at Shiftsmart is largely due to its adaptability and income potential, according to workers. “Shiftsmart is now my main source of income, and it has become easier for me to take back time for myself and my family while also growing professionally,” said worker Karla Tonche.

“Having an extra source of income from Shiftsmart helped me open my own business designing dance clothes and a line of fitness wear. It helped to pay for my own LLC and the materials I needed to kickstart my passion,” said worker Ruth Williams.

For workers who might otherwise opt out of the labor market completely due to their primary commitments, such as education, raising a family or being elder caregivers, to name a few, Shiftsmart offers a way to stay in the game.

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Worker Ivy Collins-Harris said, “Because of Shiftsmart, I am able to work from home and stay with my newborn daughter. It means a lot to me because I don’t miss any moments and I don’t have to be in fear of missing those memories.”

Shiftsmart operates in a number of industries spanning global audits and inspections, flexible contact centers, logistics and onsite staffing for retailers. The company has staffed millions of skilled shifts in more than 50 countries and works exclusively with large scale customers and government institutions. The company has built trusted relationships with a number of global brands and institutions, including Circle K, Airbnb, Humana, The RealReal, The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and The Small Business Administration (SBA) among many others.

Shiftsmart recently raised $95 million in a Series B round of financing. It was also named to the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ which honors the most innovative public and private technology companies across North America. The company was also named a finalist in Fast Company 50 World Changing Ideas of 2021: Corporate Social Responsibility.

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