Lockstep Announces World’s First Smart Inbox Designed for Accounting Teams

Connected Accounting Cloud Launches Lockstep Inbox, A Free Tool to Redefine the Way Accounting Teams Work Together

Lockstep, the leader in connected accounting,  announced the launch of Lockstep Inbox, the first-ever automated inbox for accounting teams.

An industry first, Lockstep Inbox is a free solution that streamlines accounting workflows with a shared Accounting Inbox, eliminating paper and PDFs from your workstream. Lockstep Inbox provides a zero-admin workflow to manage and track the team’s accounting emails, phone calls, and tasks while saving time by communicating with vendors and customers through an email that is integrated within legacy accounting software. Simply put, Lockstep Inbox creates an online workspace where accounting teams can work better together.

more than 90% of accounting teams work out of manual email software and spreadsheets to manage their accounting workflowsThese disconnected, personal inboxes create communication silos and dispersed information resulting in increased days sales outstanding (DSO) and disrupted overall efficiencies.

“Every other department within a company – from HR, Customer Success, Marketing and Sales – leans on automation to streamline and optimize workflows and communication,” said Peter Horadan, CEO and co-founder of Lockstep. “For whatever reason, Accounting, one of the most critical components of a business, has been left in the dark. Lockstep Inbox increases visibility and transparency while empowering accounting teams to decrease manual tasks and increase overall efficiency across the board.”

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Lockstep Inbox is a free connected accounting inbox that allows teams to organize, control, and automate accounting activity streams across the vendor and customer ecosystem. Lockstep Inbox connects to QuickBooks and Xero to automate accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) activity stream workflows, improving efficiency and cash flow. Lockstep Inbox allows you to track, update and organize your contacts across activity streams with less effort. Lockstep Inbox works with Gmail and Outlook and is available to any business, completely free.

With Lockstep Inbox, you can:

–          Monitor your accounting KPIs and proactively identify the next best activity for customers or vendors with actionable reports. 
–          Ensure nothing falls through the cracks with powerful, zero-admin workflow to manage and track the teams’ accounting emails, phone calls, and to-dos.   
–          Save time by communicating with vendors and customers in one click with an email that is integrated with your accounting software.  
–          Stop chasing down information with a 360-degree view of the customer and vendor’s activity history, transactions, contacts, and documents.  
–          Ensure everyone is empowered with a shared workspace that gives visibility into the status of each team member, so you can search all information on customers and vendors.

“Time spent aligning mismatched books and sorting through old emails is both inefficient and costly for a business,” said Matt Shanahan, CSO, and co-founder of Lockstep. “Lockstep Inbox allows accounting pros to sync their books, stop chasing paper, and increase transparency through a shared workflow so accounting teams can focus on what matters most – the bottom line of the business.”

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