Interest Groups Facilitate Employee Connection and Engagement


Wanido “wanna-do” Workplace Well-Being; a platform providing insight into organizational health while supporting the elements of culture, health, and finance; releases an enhancement to the employee experience that allows employees to join and create interest groups. These groups offer employees the opportunity to build relationships with coworkers through shared interests and values. Employers can also create groups to share business information such as benefits related information and industry research or insight.

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It’s no secret that employees who have best friends at work are more likely to be engaged – seven times more likely, in fact. The benefit does not stop there. Having friends at work boosts job satisfaction, improves productivity, correlates with better health, decreases the likelihood of accidents, and leads to more engaged customers, and higher profits. But building relationships at work can be challenging, especially as remote work has become the new normal across many industries. Employers can no longer rely on desk proximity or shared lunch hours to help new relationships grow.

Interest Groups offer an opportunity to simplify the process of forming friendships at work. Wanido CEO Troy Bagne comments: “Employers need to facilitate connections between employees and Interest Groups are a natural way to give employees a place to connect. Regardless of physical location and proximity, employees have a lot on their plates and the present national climate can make small talk more difficult than usual. Interest Groups help employees engage with one another easily and positively to simplify the process of building workplace relationships.” Vice President of Engagement Lindsay Becker adds: “Even within our own company, it’s been so fun to see the Interest Groups created and the resulting conversations. We have teammates across the country and in different time zones who are bantering back and forth on movie streaming suggestions, strategies for making remote learning fun, and sharing relevant industry research and development. As a leader, it also gives me insight into how my employees are doing as well as what drives and motivates them.”

Wanido boasts:

  • An 85% month to month engagement rate
  • Hyper-personalized employee experience
  • Unprecedented employee insight with 370 de-identified data points per employee per year
  • Real time insight into organizational health

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