Grindr and Included Health Partner to Create an Inclusive Healthcare Experience for LGBTQ+ Employees

As part of its ongoing commitment to support its LGBTQ+ employee community, Grindr has announced a new partnership with Included Health to raise healthcare equality and ensure a better healthcare experience for its LGBTQ+ workforce.

As an employer-sponsored, free healthcare benefit, Included Health acts as an advocate for LGBTQ+ employees and dependents, helping them access clinically and culturally competent care.  Grindr’s LGBTQ+ employees and their loved ones now have access to a dedicated care coordinator who can help them find supportive, affirming healthcare providers and navigate challenges in the healthcare system.

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“We are committed to creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ people around the world and want to ensure that our benefit offerings reflect that dedication by providing our employees and their loved ones with the supportive, affirming healthcare everyone deserves,” said Heidi Schriefer, Vice President, People of Grindr. “This partnership will help provide our LGBTQ+ employees with a positive experience by helping them find highly competent and compassionate healthcare providers. Together, Grindr and Included Health can work toward creating a more inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community in the U.S. healthcare system.”

LGBTQ+ discrimination is rampant in the community, as 56% of LGBTQ+ people report they have experienced discrimination by a healthcare provider and 29% of transgender people have been refused healthcare because of their gender identity. This prejudice leads to distrust and healthcare avoidance, with the LGBTQ+ community 2-3 times more likely to avoid care compared to straight and cisgender populations. Included Health is dedicated to making the healthcare system work better for the LGBTQ+ community and their loved ones.

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“Today, healthcare is so much more than a trip to the doctor. It’s a receptionist recognizing and using correct pronouns or OBGYN not assuming pregnancy is an option. These affirming moments start with the choices employers make around standard benefits they offer,” said Colin Quinn, Co-founder and CEO of Included Health. “Healthcare is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach, and employers like Grindr are doing their part to provide more inclusive benefits to meet the unique needs of all employees.”

Grindr employees will have a dedicated care coordinator who gets to know them, understands their unique healthcare needs, and serves as a guide. Included Health care coordinators will identify and evaluate healthcare providers, coordinate appointments and authorizations, navigate insurance issues, and support members with any health and wellness needs. Whether it’s finding insurance coverage for gender-affirming surgery, finding a doctor that celebrates a patient’s decision to use PrEP, connecting with a LGBTQ+ knowledgeable therapist, or other care needs, Included Health supports people in all stages of their healthcare journey.

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