Grapevine Evaluations Updates 360 Degree Employee Evaluations for a Remote Workforce

Grapevine Evaluations helps companies adapt to a changing workforce with customizable 360 Degree Employee Assessments to ensure that employees have the support, skills and tools they need to work effectively and efficiently.

Grapevine Evaluations, the leading provider of cloud-based employee evaluation software, has updated their technology to support companies that rely on a completely remote workforce, or a hybrid workforce of remote and on-site employees.

360 degree feedback assessment tools are vital to the efficiency and success of any company. With a remote workforce, there are now many more variables to consider when evaluating an employee’s performance, efficiency, engagement, and the company’s culture. The experts at Grapevine Evaluations are forward-thinking, thanks to their expertise and diligence, they were able to update their software to encompass the new realities faced by remote employees on a day-to-day basis, and provide companies with the support they so desperately need.

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Many companies have sought the services of professional HR support services, like Grapevine Evaluations, to help them meet the changing needs of their workforce. While others have stuck to their old business models, and are unable to regain the efficiency and effectiveness they once had when all employees worked on-site. Sadly, for lack of better perceived alternatives, many companies and managers have resorted to micro-managing remote employees, to the detriment of the employee and the company.

“Micro-managing remote employees is a recipe for disaster,” says Wesley Houston, Managing Director at Grapevine Evaluations. “Sadly, it is a strategy of last resort for companies that have not evolved in line with the changing workforce, and do not understand how to effectively support and manage remote employees.” Grapevine Evaluations’ 360 degree performance review for remote employees helps companies evolve with their workforce and develop a healthy, respectful, and supportive company culture.

There is a lot of advice on how to engage remote employees, but very little information on how to develop trust between a manager and employee, and vice versa. This is where Grapevine’s 360 degree feedback assessment is worth more than gold – with a thorough and objective assessment of factors surrounding an employee’s performance, it becomes very easy to spot problem areas where an employee could use more support, training or guidance, as well as areas of excellence where an employee is exceeding expectations.

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Trust does not actually develop during the assessment; it grows from the communication of assessment results with employees, and the support provided to employees thereafter. With quarterly or semi-annual 360 degree evaluations, companies and managers can gain an accurate picture of every employee’s performance and development over time, and can trust the data without needing to micro-manage unnecessarily. By identifying issues early, providing opportunities for education, training and advancement, employees develop a trust in their management, and an appreciation that they are heard and supported by the company.

The Grapevine team provides companies with a complete playbook for 360 degree evaluations and how to analyse and communicate results to employees in a manner that promotes employee engagement, performance and satisfaction, and builds a connected company culture that works for both remote and on-site employees.