Enterprises Adopting Intelligent Service Management Tools to Improve Employee Satisfaction

  • Businesses Need to Deploy a Modern, Intuitive ITSM Platform to Achieve Faster Time to Value, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Employees have growing consumer-like service expectations from their employers who receive highly responsive customer service outside of work. Companies are responding by increasingly adopting a customer- and service-centric approach that drives employee retention and job satisfaction through advanced IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM). Businesses are infusing intelligence into service management systems to help employees be more productive in this new environment of heightened expectations.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest white paper, Intelligent Service Management: 4 Principles to Modernize IT Service and Operations Management, discusses the developments in ITSM and ITOM, drawing on the most recent research to determine their potential and where transformation is occurring. It focuses on the principles that will enable companies to modernize their ITSM and ITOM and deliver engaging employee experiences.

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“Forward-looking ITSM/ITOM practitioners should focus on elevating AI and self-service with omnichannel support for improved employee satisfaction and better service to customers,” said Lynne Goulding, Principal Consultant at Frost & Sullivan. “Businesses should also deploy orchestration tools to free up service desk agents to deal with more complex issues. By partnering with a solution provider that offers unified operations by combining ITSM and ITOM, they can reduce the impact of outages, enhance business continuity, streamline services, and improve efficiency.”

“Technology should make work easy ultimately enhance the working lives of staff and customers,” said Joy Su, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Freshservice at Freshworks. “While software helps to reduce costs and accelerate business outcomes, intelligent solutions that are easy to use, like Freshworks’s AI for ITSM, Freddy AI, empowers IT teams to do their jobs better, faster and smarter. Freddy AI recommendations help lower resolution times and improve their productivity by automatically classifying tasks and incidents at scale. Freddy AI helps save an estimated 35% of agents’ time, allowing them to focus on other important issues while providing 24/7 support to employees.”

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The future of ITSM will be a combination of technology and the human touch. For optimum results, enterprises need to:

  • Adopt an intelligent ITSM platform that is intuitive and easy to use for employees.
  • Use advanced technologies such as AI to create a simpler and more streamlined self-service journey.
  • Improve agent productivity and satisfaction and reduce the potential for churn by deploying employee management software that can help reduce strain on service desk staff.
  • Offer an extensible product that can be easily customized to adapt to a company’s specific requirements and workflows and enhance collaboration tools that are already in use.

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