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Cravety Offers $1 Million in Free Motivator Assessments to Assist Employers With Their “New” Remote Workforces

Due to COVID-19 and state “stay-at-home” orders, business leaders must ensure their “new” remote workforces are safe, engaged and productive. In response, Cravety is offering $1 million in free trials of Motivator Remote, a 100% virtual assessment of what keeps employees engaged while working offsite.

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Motivator Remote identifies and measures intrinsic – or natural – motivation. Based upon 10 key intrinsic motivators, the assessment gives a holistic profile of an organization and its people with actionable intelligence to enhance employee experience.

“Employers want to keep their workforce productive and doing and feeling their best … in good times and bad,” said Cravety Founder & CEO Ed Bodensiek. “Uncovering what truly motivates them is key. At Cravety, we want to do our part and share our expertise during this unprecedented time, which is transforming how we live and work.”

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Motivator Remote is a six-minute online assessment that scores every employee’s unique set of intrinsic motivators.  This, in turn, reveals gaps between what ideally motivates them vs. their perception of what they currently receive. Motivator Remote can be customized to an organization’s exact needs and utilized for teams, departments, business divisions and across entire enterprises.

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