CENTEGIX partners with Make Our Schools Safe To Drive Adoption of Mobile Panic Buttons in Schools Nationwide

CENTEGIX, a company that creates safer spaces by innovating to empower and protect people, announces that it has partnered with Make Our Schools Safe (MOSS) to drive the adoption of mobile panic solutions in schools nationwide.MOSS was founded by Lori and Ilan Alhadeff, who lost their 14-year-old daughter, Alyssa, to the brutal shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018. “MOSS is dedicated to driving and guiding best practices in school safety. Our mission is to empower students and staff to help create and maintain a culture of safety and vigilance,” said Lori Alhadeff.Lori Alhadeff has also championed Alyssa’s Law, legislation requiring schools to have silent panic alarms directly linked to law enforcement. “The shooting at Parkland brought to light changes needed in school safety. In an emergency, time equals life, and mobile panic buttons empower staff to get help quickly with immediate notification to 911 for quicker response times,” said Alhadeff.

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CENTEGIX CrisisAlert is the only wearable badge-based mobile panic button solution approved by the Florida Department of Education (DOE) for its Alyssa’s Law legislation. This critical legislation is focused on reducing the response time of first responders in emergency situations to improve outcomes and ultimately save lives by requiring all schools to be outfitted with a silent panic alarm system linked directly to local law enforcement that all staff can activate.Over 20% of Florida school districts have selected CrisisAlert for their mobile panic button solution. CrisisAlert is unique for its 100% user adoption, precise location accuracy, and full audio and video notification for campus-wide threats. In addition, staff use CENTEGIX CrisisAlert for everyday emergencies such as medical and behavioral situations.Alyssa’s Law has already made an impact in Florida. CrisisAlert has been used by staff to get help in thousands of emergencies in Florida schools, including this life-saving story.CENTEGIX’s Alyssa’s Law Update report includes detailed user survey feedback that demonstrates how staff value CrisisAlert and its contributions to a positive learning environment. Staff report that incident response times are improved, and teachers feel safer and have peace of mind to focus on teaching.”MOSS is a powerful advocate for school safety and mobile panic buttons. Districts across the country are turning to mobile panic buttons to increase safety for their schools. We look forward to partnering with MOSS to drive awareness of the benefits of mobile panic buttons as a standard level of protection in schools,” said Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX.

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