CareerBuilder Data Reveals the Majority of Americans are Seeking New Work Right Now

Survey findings show a desire for a career shift with 70% of employed adults currently engaged in a job search in some form and nearly a quarter who are actively looking

CareerBuilder, a global talent acquisition leader and job marketplace, shared findings from their latest survey revealing the profile of a job search and how many Americans are seeking new or different work right now. The data shows a desire for a career shift among job seekers including seven in 10 employed adults who are currently engaged in a job search, either actively or passively.Of those in search of a new role, one in five are active job seekers and 26% are not fully committed but occasionally browse open roles. Separately, 26% of employed adults are not actively seeking a role but are open should a recruiter approach them and 30% are content with their role and not looking in any capacity.”We are seeing an impressive amount of potential growth within the workforce as Americans express interest in exploring new roles and diving into different industries,” said Susan Arthur, CEO of CareerBuilder. “The data shows that the future of work will continue to shift as job seekers evaluate the current job market and determine which career opportunities are right for them.”

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The survey also revealed specific career traits that employed job seekers are looking for:

  • 62% are seeking a higher salary
  • 51% want a flexible schedule
  • 46% are looking for better benefits
  • 40% would like the ability to work remotely

Notably, more than three in five (62%) employed adults expressed interest in moving into an entirely new industry. Men more so than women had a positive attitude towards their current job – finding their role personally fulfilling and more likely to show appreciation for their current salary and job security. However, men were also more likely to engage in a job search right now than women and were among those seeking an industry change as well as greater career guidance and support.

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