Blueboard Advances Platform to Help Companies Reward Employees with Experiences Over Things in a Post-Covid Workplace

Blueboard  the world’s largest curated experiential marketplace for employee rewards and recognition announced a set of platform upgrades to help corporate leaders jumpstart employee engagement, performance, and retention in the post-COVID workplace. These latest developments build upon Blueboard’s efforts to enable companies to reward and recognize employees worldwide with meaningful experiences over things to inspire an increasingly hybrid, diverse, and multi-generational workforce.

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New features include enhanced socialization tools that enable employees to capture and share videos of their experiences to make employer rewards and recognition programs more buzzworthy. Additional upgrades include granular audience segmentation tools that empower Anniversary Programs to better celebrate tenured employees, and new levels of customization for Incentives Programs to drive positive business outcomes for organizations.

“The pandemic has changed the way we live and work. It has blurred boundaries and made it even more difficult for employees to unplug, recharge, and connect with the things that make them who they are,” said Jason Wiener, Vice President of Product & Engineering at Blueboard. “All of this impacts their ability to bring energy to work. For companies that want to drive better business outcomes with happier employees, it’s time to get people out of the office and into the world. By feeding employees’ curiosity, encouraging them to indulge in passions, and celebrate life with their friends and family, companies will get the ROI they seek.”

With impressive growth, significant customer expansions and record renewals as social distancing rules lifted over the last two years, Blueboard is seeing high demand as companies look for ways to reward and recognize employees with meaningful experiences. Leading companies like GoPro, Jumio, Mercedes Benz, Salesforce, Shake Shack, Teladoc Health, The Trade Desk, and more partner with Blueboard to offer their employees personalized experiential rewards programs at scale.

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“During the pandemic and now with the increasing gravity to virtually convey the employee experience to candidates, shareholders, and current team members, Blueboard provides an enhanced way to reward our employees and show how they celebrate and engage,” said Megan Barbier, Global Vice President of People and Culture at Jumio. “We socialize their Blueboard experiences (photos, feedback) on our social media platforms to showcase our employees, their personalities, and our cultural ethos. The video feature is going to up our game on this forum with an additional layer of emotion and honesty, especially for those who can’t always interview onsite or meet team members in person.”

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