Axon Partners With NTOA To Design And Develop Next-Generation Use Of Force Training

Axon Virtual Reality Scenarios and Use of Force Training Policies to be constructed and endorsed by NTOA

Axon, the global leader in connected public safety technologies, today announced a partnership with the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the law enforcement community, to help with the design and development of the next generation Use of Force (UoF) training for law enforcement. With this partnership, Axon will leverage NTOA’s training expertise to develop virtual reality content and reality-based scenarios for de-escalation training focused on empathy, critical thinking and threat mitigation for both in-person and VR training platforms.

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In an effort to enhance community and police relations in a complex world, Axon will work closely with NTOA and MIRACLE (Mental Illness Response Alternative Center Law Enforcement) to obtain constructive feedback and have Axon’s VR Training content, including VR Community Engagement and VR Simulator scenarios, and Axon Academy web-based trainings endorsed for meeting world-class standards.

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Additionally, this week Axon launched its first wireless Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator Training to provide immersive virtual reality content that can help officers develop critical thinking, de-escalation and tactical skills. Designed to complement Axon’s existing Community Engagement Training, the VR Simulator will enable officers to actually talk and walk through the scenario as they would in the field, with feedback from trainers and supervisors, allowing them to practice more and enhance their skills, better preparing them for the situations they encounter each day.

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