Yet Analytics Releases Key Open Source Data Technology

Release Improves Access to Advanced Capabilities Impacting Learning, Training, and HR Tech

Yet Analytics, the leader in data technology for use in enterprise learning and training, has announced the release of a new open source offering. The company’s new SQL LRS software was designed to validate and to provide access to data at the core of the modernization effort taking place in learning and training systems across government and industry.

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“With so many organizations taking an ecosystem approach to learning and training technologies, it’s important to be able to provide capabilities that can ensure interoperability between them,” said Yet Analytics’ CEO Shelly Blake-Plock. “Our new SQL LRS software sits at the heart of this ecosystem and provides assurance that things are running as they are supposed to. And because it is open source, it brings this capability to the enterprise customer in a way that is secure, transparent, and cost-effective.”

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The SQL LRS software product is designed to support ecosystems that take advantage of xAPI, a data standard fashioned to improve semantic interoperability between disparate learning and training technologies. The term “LRS” stands for Learning Record Store. This is a specialized software technology that ensures compatibility with the xAPI data standard — making the data usable and accessible within enterprise learning, training, and HR systems. The result is better reporting, an increase in the ability to automate complex processes such as identifying patterns of organizational behavior, and the creation of improved data resources with which to train machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

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