June 1, 2020

Smartick, An Award-winning Online Math Program, Shares Predictions For The Future Of EdTech Post COVID-19 And Launches Charity Program

Smartick, An Award-winning Online Math Program, Shares Predictions For The Future Of EdTech Post COVID-19 And Launches Charity Program

Smartick, the award-winning artificial intelligence powered online math program for children ages 4-14, has seen a 150% growth of paid subscribers worldwide since March when schools closed in response to COVID-19. While families scramble to adopt online learning, Smartick believes it is well positioned to lead the global online education revolution.

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Here are 3 predictions for the future of EdTech in a post-coronavirus world from Smartick co-founder Javier Arroyo:

  1. Success in school and the real world will come from learning concepts versus rote memorization. “The Smartick Method teaches globally applicable math and coding concepts that will prepare children to become flexible thinkers in any environment,” says Arroyo. “The future of education post COVID-19 will need to integrate online personalized methodologies with traditional offline programs.” Over 1 million children across 112 countries have tried Smartick and 94% of these children have improved their calculation, logic and problem-solving skills.
  2. Online learning can support a child’s growing independence. The Smartick Method is designed for children to work independently for 15 minutes a day on engaging math problems, without the help of an adult. Arroyo states:”The more children practice doing the program on their own, the more they gain confidence. With more schools adopting online programs, we predict children will need to take ownership of their learning.”
  3. Artificial intelligence is the future of online learning. Smartick refines its sophisticated AI algorithms every 5 weeks. Arroyo says, “We were early adopters of both an online and adaptive learning system to address the issue of children disengaged by traditional learning models. Smartick’s curriculum creates a bespoke path of learning which grows with your child, replacing costly tutors and in-person after school learning centers.”

Smartick has extended their free trial period to 15 days. Additionally, Smartick has launched a free digital platform for teachers with math teaching resources, interactive tutorials and exercises that can be sent directly to students.

Smartick’s 1=1 Equal Opportunity Program acknowledges those directly affected by COVID-19 and families who lack access to quality education due to socio-economic status and offers free subscriptions on demand to those in need.

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