Simcoach’s Game Development Apprenticeship Program Registered by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Office

Simcoach Games now offers the First Registered Game Apprenticeship in Pennsylvania

Simcoach Games, Pittsburgh PA, announced that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Apprenticeship and Training Office has registered Simcoach’s Game Development Apprenticeship Program. As the first of its kind in Pennsylvania, apprentices can now develop game applications within Simcoach’s game design and production studio while completing a registered apprenticeship as a Game Developer.

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Simcoach’s game design and production professionals will train, guide and support apprentices as they learn valuable and transferrable skills while being paid on a progressive wage scale and with comprehensive benefits. Apprentices will learn how to build purpose-driven games in sectors such as Healthcare, Education, Safety and Personal Wellness. Specific training will be based on software development methodologies such as the Project Management Institute’s Agile framework and game development with platforms such as Unity. Successful completion of apprenticeship program will include the apprentices earning the Unity Certified Associate credential.

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“We see significant demand for gamified and virtual learning experiences from many sectors so being proactive in terms of building a local talent pipeline is a strategic imperative,” says Brian Kaleida, Simcoach CEO. “As apprentices develop their production skills with our game development professionals, they will make active contributions to Simcoach while mastering the skills necessary for a career in the gaming sector.” Mr. Kaleida continues, ”While we expect that some apprentices will want to move up the career ladder into mid, senior and lead positions at Simcoach, the technical, business and soft skills developed through our apprenticeship would be transferable to a range of companies – in Pittsburgh or elsewhere.”

Simcoach Games is now accepting candidates for the Game Development Apprenticeship Program. Candidates who have demonstrated quality software development work, academic or otherwise, are strongly encouraged to apply. There are no requirements for game development experience or for a college degree.

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Simcoach’s Registered Game Development Apprenticeship Program builds upon the success of its inaugural game design apprenticeship where collaborative, hands-on and project-based activities enabled apprentices make real and valuable contributions to Simcoach’s product portfolio and game catalog. Simcoach believes its apprenticeship method would benefit enterprises seeking to develop the next-generation of employees for technical and digital careers. As part of its commitment to the Pittsburgh business community, Simcoach welcomes inquiries on how to encapsulate technical instruction into a learning framework of innovation, creativity and teamwork, and how that framework prepares young adults for technical careers foundational for enterprise and regional growth.

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