Product School, the world’s first technology school for business, has announced its paid membership program, Product School Pro. The world’s largest community of Product Managers, Product School already provides a wealth of free resources such as blog posts, eBooks, podcasts and online events to over one million people every year. While these resources are staying free for everyone, Product School Pro provides an additional level of support, mentorship, training and access for the most committed members of the community.

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Founded in San Francisco in 2014, Product School rapidly established themselves as the leading provider of education at the intersection of business and technology. Boasting a community of over one million members, their regular ProductCon conference is the preeminent event in the Product Management space, registering tens of thousands of attendees five times per year. In addition to a host of other benefits, Product School Pro members will enjoy discounts on ProductCon attendance as well as invitations to exclusive online events taught by leading Product Professionals from Silicon Valley firms.

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, the CEO of Product School, says “You may not be in the software business, but a software company will soon be in your business. As more and more companies recognize the paramount importance of the Product Manager role, we are providing support, training, mentorship and career guidance to help shape the next generation of Product Leaders.”

Product School has always focused on pushing the Product Community forward. At a time of unprecedented change as more and more companies make digital transformation, the ability to onboard products, create and deploy software, and apply a Product Mindset across entire organizations has never been more critical to business success. Having built up a network of instructors from Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, Product School Pro synthesizes their most valuable digital resources in one exclusive, online community.

The initial list of Product School Pro member benefits is below, these benefits will continue to grow over time:

LinkedIn badge to showcase your membership
Discussion forum with top Product Leaders from Netflix, Google and Uber
iOS and Android mobile apps to take Product School with you
VIP ticket to our ProductCon conferences
On-demand courses
Exclusive events
Discounts on the best Product Management software tools
Templates to build roadmaps, PRDs and other key deliverables
Interview cheat sheets

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These unique “Product School Pro” member benefits come in addition to the free resources that Product School will continue to provide without charge, which include:

Live online events, webinars, Ask Me Anythings (AMAs) and conferences
Streaming library of all previous events and presentations
Free books and reports, including the bestselling “The Product Book”
The Product Podcast with interviews with Product leaders
The Product blog (including case studies!) and newsletter
Access to Slack, LinkedIn & Facebook communities
The Product Jobs Board, Glossary and Product Management Interview Checklist

“We pride ourselves on being the Product Management industry’s number one provider of free resources” says Brad Heringer, Product School’s Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, “With Product School Pro, we’re allowing the most passionate members of our community to easily take things to the next level. The opportunity to forge relationships with leading Product Professionals from companies like Netflix and Google is a key benefit I am sure members will be excited to take advantage of!”

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