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Portrait of a Pandemic at Work: New Udemy Report Reveals Employee Anxiety and Return to Work Demands

The Workforce is in Need of Employer Support as Their Work-Lives are Uprooted Now and Into the Foreseeable Future

Udemy, the largest global marketplace for learning and teaching online, released “Udemy In Depth: The Portrait of a Pandemic at Work,” a timely data report that provides a comprehensive look at the impact COVID-19 and the resulting economic uncertainty has had on American workers.

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A new data report from Udemy provides a comprehensive look at the impact COVID-19 and the resulting economic uncertainty has had on American workers.

Findings in the report indicate that as the pandemic continues to dramatically reshape the U.S. economy and workforce, the general concerns of workers have morphed into direct and personal fears and doubts about their immediate and long-term economic futures.

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As a result, employees are rethinking what returning to work means, picking up new habits to adjust to their redefined normal, and are developing new skills so they can stay competitive in this new economy:

  • 72% of employees are worried that the “New Normal” caused by COVID-19 and the resulting economic uncertainty will have a long-lasting negative effect on their quality of life and future prospects.
  • 45% feel safer, both physically and mentally, when working remotely. However, 75% also agree they’ve been working harder juggling work and homelife than their ‘significant other.’
  • 29% of employees confess to having consumed alcohol on the job, 51% have watched TV while working, and 45% have worked from bed.
  • 67% report they’ve spent time learning new skills or enhancing existing ones during the COVID-19 Pandemic and 49% preferred online courses.

“The findings of this study reveal a fragile workforce where everyone is fighting new battles and leaders must embrace a culture of empathy,” said Cara Brennan Allamano, Senior Vice President of People, Places, and Learning at Udemy. “We’re living through a time of intense and profound transitions. Organizational leaders should work to be agile in navigating successfully through these changes while also being open and honest with their employees about the challenges they encounter. With no formal divide between home and work, leaders should also be thinking about what additional support they can give employees to help them better adjust to this new way of work.”

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