Lucid adds virtual whiteboard Lucidspark to Lucid for Education Learning Suite

Lucid, the leading provider of visual collaboration software, today announced the expansion of its Lucid for Education Learning Suite with the release of Lucidspark, a cloud-based virtual whiteboard where educators and students can learn together in real time.

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“The need for a streamlined solution to help students work together and collaborate in real time, from anywhere, has never been more apparent. The rapid switch to remote learning and need for hybrid classroom models in our schools has brought significant challenges. Educators are overwhelmed as they try to engage students both at school and at home simultaneously, and they want to gauge student understanding and provide support,” said Dave Grow, President and COO at Lucid. “Lucidspark is an intuitive digital whiteboard that provides a way to make both virtual and in-person lessons interactive and collaborative to enhance active learning. An educator can model a concept, whole classes can brainstorm together, or small groups can hold a discussion. This is an exciting addition to our Learning Suite and will help educators to provide more meaningful instruction for students in any setting.”

By using Lucidspark, educators and students can more effectively:

IDEATE: Capture and share ideas in a virtual whiteboard that provides the flexibility to hear from every student. Lucidspark offers an infinite canvas for unlimited students and teachers who can brainstorm, ideate and work together no matter where they’re learning.

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CREATE: Whole classes, small groups and partners can work together in real time or asynchronously and easily keep track of everyone’s contributions. Lucidspark also provides powerful functionality to facilitate structured lessons, allowing educators to set the pace for discussions, draw students’ attention to a single focal point, collect student feedback, and quickly organize and analyze ideas.

ASSESS: Get a quick pulse on students’ understanding. With Lucidspark features, educators can easily perform quick comprehension checks and create cheat-proof formative assessments. Educators can play an active role in their students’ learning journeys as they watch students’ thinking unfold and provide guidance with comments, freehand drawing and the ability to redirect and reteach in the moment.

With the addition of Lucidspark, Lucid for Education offers a complete Learning Suite that delivers a comprehensive, effective and personalized learning journey for each student, all in one location. Lucidspark integrates with industry-leading Lucidchart, used in education as a dynamic graphic organizer, and Lucidpress, for multimedia publishing, making it possible for students to progress their learning from initial idea to deeper thinking, and on to professionally demonstrating what they know.

Together, Lucidspark, Lucidchart and Lucidpress form the Lucid for Education Learning Suite that enables educators to motivate students to actively participate in the entire learning journey, from initial ideas to publishing findings, no matter where students are located.

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