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London Business School Plans Launch of “Microlearning Lounges” to Curate Timely, Best-of-Breed Media on Behalf of Their Busy Executive Clients and Alumni

London Business School (LBS) is keenly aware that their executive clients and alumni are balancing professional tasks and caretaking duties alongside other distractions which create highly fragmented schedules. Despite the increasing demands on everyone’s time and attention, professionals’ need to keep pace with relevant topics in a timely fashion has not diminished.

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LBS and Volute have partnered to offer a new solution that will tend to this need and impact future learning paradigms: a community-driven, microlearning model that comes with the added benefit of deepening the relationship between LBS and its clients and alumni.

Microlearning in Volute engages learners on-demand with media-rich, bite-sized learning moments throughout a professional’s workday.

“A microlearning strategy fits perfectly with today’s business climate,” says Volute CEO Michael Croft. “It caters to the needs of professionals whose working conditions have been uprooted, reducing time for training at the same time their training needs are growing.”

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LBS is bringing professionals together through Volute’s “Microlearning Lounges” – virtual learning spaces with a variety of topics curated by LBS subject matter experts. “Lounges are like having VIP access to the best tables in the best restaurants, with bite-sized learning media served by subject matter experts and socialized among peers,” explains Michael. “Lounges use memes, emojis, tags, likes, livestreams and feeds to make online learning livelier and more current.”

LBS recognizes an opportunity to further integrate their alumni communities through a microlearning model while adding a social component in a time of social distancing. “We understand our alumni have a need for furthering their professional development through a career management lens,” says Michele Asbury, Associate Director of Learning Innovation at LBS. “We know our alumni’ training needs well, and we can be their personal information curators.”

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