Leading With Innovation in the Digital Construction Industry Thinkproject Launches New State-Of-The-Art Archive Solution and E-learning Platform for Cde and BIM software

Digitisation of the AECO industry has a high potential for saving both cost and time in a construction project. However, successfully exploiting this potential equally depends on the functional richness of the software solution and the innovative power of the vendor. Thinkproject, Europe’s leading SaaS provider for construction and engineering projects, is continuously innovating its portfolio. Not only is it launching new functionalities on a quarterly basis, but also introducing new solutions that simplify its customer’s business processes and services, with the goal to have a positive impact on their bottom line.

Thinkproject is now expanding its range of specialised software in the area of Common Data Environments (CDE) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) with the cloud-based Thinkproject ARCHIVE and eLearning platform Thinkproject Academy.

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Targeted learning with Thinkproject Academy

Thinkproject Academy is an online learning platform that provides a digital learning and training experience for the SaaS provider’s specialised CDE and BIM software. With the platform’s interactive training, users can learn at their own pace and in a hands-on manner to exploit the software’s potential in their projects. This facilitates the start at the beginning of the project as well as the training of new project participants who need to be trained during the project. Currently, Thinkproject Academy supports CEMAR, KAIRNIAL and CONCLUDE CDE. However, the company will gradually expand the scope of supported solutions, provide training for new features, and offer customisable training packages for specific project requirements.

Availability of project information throughout the entire lifecycle

Managing large volumes of project data and information is one of the key success factors for any construction project to reduce costs, meet schedules and be more sustainable with resources. Thinkproject ARCHIVE is the digital archiving solution that ensures project information is always easily accessible and secured – even after the project is finished. Thinkproject ARCHIVE enables construction companies to comply with legal retention requirements and safeguards that project information is available for potential warranty claims and litigation.

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Thinkproject Archive helps project participants meet these requirements for the entire lifecycle of a construction project – even when their job in the project is finished. Additionally, the archive can be enriched with best practices and lessons learned as a knowledge base to be available for future projects. Archiving in the cloud allows data to be made available wherever it is needed at any time. Because Thinkproject provides and manages the cloud infrastructure, customers can focus on using the solutions and their core business.

“For more than two decades, Thinkproject’s construction cloud solutions have been helping our customers improve productivity and deliver projects on time. Thinkproject’s industry leading CDE solutions (common data environment) are helping thousands of customers to build and manage their assets” explains Hemendra Pal, Chief Product & Technology Officer. “But the real benefit for our customers derives from how the change is managed during software implementation and how well people are trained throughout the course of a project to most efficiently use the software. We provide effective training on our eLearning platform Thinkproject Academy. In addition, at project completion, our customers can now access a managed cloud offering for their project archives that takes the burden of infrastructure provisioning and management off their shoulders, while still being secure, legally compliant, and always available.”

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