Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has released the third generation of its systematic content delivery platform known as i3. This release was specifically designed to enhance productivity, access, retention, and interoperability for the rapidly growing client base of Infinit-I which now numbers more than 1,500 companies and 300,000 users.

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“i3 is fundamentally different than any learning platform on the market,” said Drew Larson, CMO. “The content is delivered in stunning ultra-high definition. Assigning a year’s worth of classes is as simple as a few clicks. And it’s all accessible through a mobile app or through one of our many integrated partners. Our user base is going to love this!”

To create this experience, the i3 platform is delivering via the Infini-I Player, an exciting proprietary technology which is actually six players in one for delivery of all media: PDFs, Streaming, Mp4, YouTube, Vimeo, and iSpring (SCORM compliant).

What that means for users:

  • Expanded Presentation Options
  • Stunning Content Quality
  • Extremely Fast
  • Optimized Bandwidth
  • Compatibility with other LMS systems

Clients of Infinit-I can use this capability to easily deliver internal corporation communication and on-going training. Existing PDFs, training videos, live or recorded townhalls can all be delivered within i3.

Coupled with the release of the platform enhancements, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has focused on expanding the availability and access to its platform. In addition to the Apple Store, Infinit-I’s app is now available Google Play so that drivers can access training from iOS and Android devices.

New integrations are being added with the most recent go-lives being Idelic, a safety monitoring platform and DriverReach, a life-cycle management provider.

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Jay Wommack, CEO of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions explained, “Most of our market is on the go, whether it’s delivering essentials to American families across our great nation, or safely transporting children to schools. Because of that dynamic environment, they must have access to the most current and relevant information available in every format possible. Our platform has answered both the format needs with the Infinit-I Player and the deliverability requirements with apps and integrations.

Integration with Idelic brings a new level of visibility to Safety Directors about the overall performance of their drivers. Infinit-I is a key piece of the puzzle in creating a full picture of driver performance.

“Our partnership unlocks incredible value for our mutual customers,” explained Hayden Cardiff, CEO of Idelic. “You can seamlessly compare your drivers’ safety performance to the training they have received from Infinit-I. From there, deciding if a driver would benefit from corrective action or behavioral modification is simple. It’s a modern solution which every trucking company, big or small, could benefit from.”

With the safety performance environment fully covered, another key integration is that of DriverReach, the fastest growing leader in driver life cycle management and applicant tracking. DriverReach is ideal for organizational management of Infinit-I’s clients.

“As a life-long member of the Indiana Motor Truck Association, I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. When we selected Infinit-I for our integration program, it was because they have the longest track record – in this industry – of delivering results. Their offering matched perfectly with DriverReach for tracking the full life-cycle of every driver.”

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