Bundle Launches Blended Education and Care Offerings, Empowering Employers to Alleviate Parents’ Back-to-School Angst

Bundle's virtual, education-care approach disrupts the legacy care model, delivering one-on-one and pod-based experiences to support working parents and caregivers

Bundle, a technology-enabled provider of employer-funded education-care experiences for working parents and older adult caregivers, announced today its latest academic-based virtual offerings, Brainy Breaks and Brainy Bunches. The Brainy product line was developed to provide parents time to focus on work, maintain mental fitness, or take a break while their children engage in personalized, scholastic-focused one-on-one and pod-based learning sessions.

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Over 40 percent of schools are going virtual this fall and working parents now require flexible, modern childcare benefits not found in traditional care offerings, such as in-person babysitting or back-up care. Bundle transforms the legacy care model, delivering an integrated education-care benefit solution to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

“This is a critical time for working parents. With back-to-school fast-approaching, parents are increasingly caught in the education-care crosshairs and urgently need access to engaging, flexible, on-demand , and reliable support,” said Kayla Lebovits, founder and CEO of Bundle. “Parents need more than cookie-cutter childcare and self-paced academic resources – they need a thoughtful approach to bridge the education and care gap. We’re excited to offer employers an opportunity to lessen the new strain virtual learning and limited childcare place on employees with our new Brainy product line.”

Brainy Breaks and Brainy Bunches are designed to provide parents a much-needed break while their loved ones engage in thought-provoking scholastic experiences. Brainy Breaks deliver one-on-one, personalized instruction in mathematics, language arts, and science for children in kindergarten through fourth grade. Brainy Bunches capitalizes on the benefits of learning in small groups, offering children the opportunity to virtually engage in hands-on science investigations, employ critical thinking to solve mathematical problems together, and interact socially to strengthen academic comprehension and increase critical thinking. Bundle’s curriculum and instructor training is led by Mattie Shulman, Curriculum Development Lead at Bundle, who ensures learning objectives and content align to the National Education Standards and accommodate personalization and customization for a range of learning styles and needs.

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“At Bundle, we understand learning will look different this school year and we’ve expanded our product suite to meet our clients’ and parents’ expanding needs,” noted Shulman. “We can’t rely on teachers and schools to do everything. Innovative companies are realizing they need to help working parents continue to support education at home and are leaning into benefits that empower them to do so. The Brainy product line meets this urgent need, ensuring children receive every opportunity to succeed scholastically,” said Shulman.

Brainy Breaks and Brainy Bunches join Bundle’s four other product lines alongside Child Breaks, Bundle Bunches, Elder Breaks, and World Language Breaks to offer an entire suite of virtual education-care solutions for the modern-day family. Bundle partners with employers in a variety of industries including biotech, consulting, consumer goods, finance, pharma, software, and other technology sectors who recognize the one-size care model no longer works for a workforce with diverse and ever-evolving needs.

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