Bites Simplifies Frontline Employee Onboarding, Training and Knowledge Sharing with Launch of Native Integration to Microsoft Teams

The integration brings the stickiness and high adoption of social communication to the world of employee training, making it simple, engaging, and effective

Bites, the new viral solution for creating, sharing and managing professional content with frontline and deskless employees, announced a native integration with Microsoft Teams. Bites gives small, medium and enterprise businesses the ability to easily create highly effective professional content, share that content with their employees through the communication channels they are already on and monitor usage to help employees meet their full potential while reaching their business objectives.

With 80% of the global workforce on the frontline (2.7 billion employees), companies today are recognizing the importance of engaging these remote and deskless employees. However, studies show that these employees rank among the lowest motivated of all employee types. Despite attempts to solve this problem with learning management systems, 87% of businesses continue to cite employee engagement as their top concern.

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With customers including HP, Unilever, H&M and Intercontinental, Bites is rethinking the ways in which companies engage with the needs of the modern employee with short attention spans, high engagement with social media platforms, preferred use of instant messaging apps for work-related communication, and a desire to give feedback.

With minimal set-up, seamless integration and an easy-to-use content creation tool, companies can create unique and interactive content assets that can be distributed natively through the Teams interface. With completion rates of more than 90%, distributing and sharing professional content has never been as effective and addictive.

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“Bites is shattering the paradigm of how we think about professional onboarding and training. We were already seeing fewer and fewer employees engaging face to face and Covid-19 has only heightened the need for a real alternative. It’s become imperative that we meet our employees on the platforms they already feel comfortable using, including Microsoft Teams,” said Eran Heffetz, Bites Co-Founder and CEO. “As our primary brand ambassadors, whether they are doctors, salespeople, logistic teams or any other employees, we need to ensure they are performing at their best at any given moment.”

“Our customers rely on Microsoft Teams to communicate and get work done – even more so with the recent shift to remote work,” said Daniel Canning, director, Microsoft Teams Platform. “With Bites’ integration for Teams, companies can create professional content and distribute it to their employees while helping their teams stay engaged and productive.”

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