Actus Software Announces the Complete Performance, Learning and Talent Suite for Virtual & Hybrid Management

Actus launches new capabilities designed to reduce remote management pressures caused by COVID-19
79% of survey participants feel they do not have an effective learning culture within their organisation

Actus Software, the virtual HR software provider, has announced the launch of a suite of performance and wellbeing tools to better manage the performance and wellbeing of virtual teams. The Complete Performance, Learning and Talent Suite includes Actus Learning Management System (LMS), Actus Academy and a series of remote learning programmes.

With remote working a reality for the foreseeable future, Actus’ new suite removes the need for multiple disparate systems by providing a virtual set of management tools that ensure managers have the skills and confidence to get the best out of their teams, whatever the location. The offering is designed to increase employee engagement, productivity and support the development of quality people performance processes, resulting in cultural transformation.

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Virtual Performance Management

The need for remote management tools was highlighted by a recent Actus survey, whereby 79% of participants felt they do not have an effective learning culture within their organisation.

To tackle this, the company has recently launched Actus Academy, a cost-effective on-demand learning platform to support remote people managers who have found their role has changed beyond all recognition. Aimed at an individual level, the platform provides a library of interactive video content, infographics, templates and white papers that users can tap into, ensuring the transition to virtual management is much more streamlined and malleable.

The introduction of Actus LMS provides an even greater range of high-quality leadership and performance management training solutions that empower organisations as a whole to embed best practice processes and behaviours that positively engage and develop their employees, ensuring goals are met. Managers can utilise the visible reporting functionality, and can also effectively host, create, suggest or mandate their chosen e-learning training programmes without the need to learn an expensive new application.

Remote Learning

Additionally, as part of the Actus Learning suite, three key remote learning programmes are being offered to accelerate employee engagement and performance against the backdrop of a third lockdown. These training programmes are facilitated by experienced trainers, including CEO and founder of Actus, bestselling author and chartered psychologist, Lucinda Carney. Based on Lucinda’s best-selling book, the virtual training series How to be a Change Superhero has been written to help teams build their confidence and practical skills to an elevated level and successfully deliver change within their organisations.

Those who attend will learn how to identify common challenges encountered during organisational change and how best to pre-empt and avoid them. The most recently launched training programme, Accelerate Potential, is aimed at providing entry-level employees with an essential set of skills that may have been missed due to remote or hybrid working.

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Talent Management within a Singular Interface

The Complete Performance, Learning and Talent Suite has been designed to evolve with an organisation’s need to deliver a culture of outstanding performance, talent management and compliance, irrespective of industry or location. The system removes the need for multiple systems by managing employee performance and learning within a singular and accessible interface.

Lucinda Carney, CEO at Actus, explained how this new suite will provide the tools for managers to successfully navigate virtual people management. “With remote working here to stay, effective virtual management systems and practices are essential, particularly for employee productivity and wellbeing. With these new implementations, Actus offers HR professionals a complete, integrated suite to ensure successful virtual talent management. By providing not only fundamental software solutions alongside high-quality leadership and performance management training programmes, Actus ensures organisational goals are highly configurable to align with current or future processes, without the need for multiple providers.”

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