Joy Works: Empowering Teams in the New Era of Work Provides Engaging Blueprint for Leaders and Employees

New book by Alex Liu, managing partner and chairman of management consultancy Kearney, asks: “Why would we settle for anything less than joy at work?”

Joy Works will be released on November 16 and is available for pre-order wherever books and e-books are sold.

Joy at work: why settle for anything less? In his new book, Joy Works: Empowering Teams in the New Era of Work, Alex Liu makes the case for joy as a guiding principle and delivers an engaging blueprint for ensuring people feel safe and inspired at work.

Liu, the managing partner and chairman of global management consulting firm Kearney, provides a step-by-step action plan for approaching joy at work using the three key elements of employee happiness—people, praise, and purpose—and implementing that plan for maximum results and maximum joy.

Joy Works, which will be released on November 16 and is available for pre-order now, provides an invaluable guide for rethinking work and culture just as the “old ways of work” are being dramatically upended due to technology, a global pandemic, and increased demands for work-life balance.

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The author, who also hosts the popular Joy@Work podcast, draws on his years of conversations with leaders around the world, as both an advisor to executives and advocate for more joy at work. Readers will learn from a diverse collection of leaders, from psychologists, academics, athletes, nonprofit and board leaders, and a Broadway producer to leaders at companies including HPE, Cisco, T-Mobile, SAP, and UPS.

“When there is a clear lack of something in the world, it’s human nature to seek it, anywhere. In the recent past, there has been no shortage of mayhem, uncertainty, and despair of semi-biblical proportions. My hope is that this book helps leaders chart a different course, in which joy is an inspirational touchstone and guiding principle,” said Liu.

“For leaders at every level, the defining question each day should be: How do we create the conditions for joy to exist, for ourselves and those around us?” noted Charlene Thomas, formerly the chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at UPS and member of the boards of trustees at Westtown School and the National Urban League. “I’ve seen Alex up close exemplifying the principles he outlines in this book, and I’m thrilled that he is addressing this critical topic. I’m proud to be a part of the movement for more collective joy at work.”

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In the book, readers will find:

  • An introduction to “ikigai,” a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”—a framework we can all use to find joy and meaning in our work
  • An investigation into the link between social justice and joy, using conversations with leaders who have committed to making social progress a priority
  • A new perspective on how the next generation will view joy at work, the Great Reflection, and the shifting balance of power in work cultures
  • In-depth discussions about people, purpose, and praise: the three key elements in building a joyful work experience
  • A call for more reflective leadership—a new approach to power leaders through uncertain and challenging times

“As a leader, I always found joy at work in serving others and delivering together with my team. In his book, Alex shows us the way to transform the workplace by leveraging and unleashing the full potential of joy,” added Amparo Moraleda, senior independent director at Airbus Group, and nonexecutive director at Maersk, Vodafone, and Caixabank.

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