CGT Staffing Promotes Workplace Diversity Through Inclusive Recruitment

CGT Staffing partners with its clients to maximize diversity and inclusivity

The U.S Census Bureau projects that the United States will become a majority-minority nation by 2043. This historic, ongoing shift is already redefining the demographic composition of the modern workforce, regardless of industry or geography.

This seismic shift in talent and hiring has necessarily forced businesses to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A heterogeneous workforce is critical to success for a myriad of reasons. The creative business methods and enhanced company culture afforded by professionals of varied cultures and backgrounds working cooperatively promotes innovation, creativity, and strength. Companies with higher levels of racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to financially outperform their rivals year over year. This quality of output is evident at every level of the corporate structure. For every 10% rise in the diverse composition of a company’s executive team, the proceeds before interest and taxes rise by an average of 0.8%. Relative to more homogeneous organizations, diversified teams experience 2.3 times more cash flow per employee every three years.

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“Diversity fosters innovation, boosts output, and encourages organizations and their stakeholders to make better, more impactful decisions,” said Bill Welge, President and CEO of CGT Staffing. “We’re proud to embrace equal opportunity in our search for talent and in their subsequent engagement with our clients. Our efforts are always based on the best interests of both parties. Diversity and inclusion is key to ensuring that mutual best fit that guarantees lasting success.”

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When addressing diversity and inclusion in recruitment, organizations often have to face issues that are difficult and nuanced. Addressing these concerns requires an open-minded approach, which also includes rethinking current hiring strategies, reforecasting growth models, and re-examining cross-functional partnerships on a daily basis.

“Inclusive hiring is multi-faceted and expansive,” said Welge, “For some clients, inclusivity is personified by hiring veterans, who are perhaps the most diverse talent pool of all. They’re an underrepresented demographic now top of mind for many organizations, and for a myriad of reasons, both patriotic and economic. When in the best interest of our clients, we begin every job search with the understanding that diversity is crucial to long-term success.”

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