CareerBuilder Survey Reveals 69% of Working Adults are Optimistic About Employer’s Existing DEI Efforts

CareerBuilder, a global talent acquisition leader and job marketplace, shared findings from a recent survey that shows 69% of working adults are optimistic and characterize their employer’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts as positive, sharing specific initiatives that are most impactful including employee resource groups (ERGs) that promote a more inclusive workplace.

Of those that are optimistic about diversity at their company, many feel either respected, happy, encouraged or excited by current initiatives. African American employees (42%) are more likely than their White counterparts (29%) to say they are encouraged and excited about DEI efforts with 14% of African Americans saying companies are lacking in their attempts and could do more. Just over 1 in 5 employees (22%), including 35% of Gen Z workers, remain critical and skeptical, citing that their employer is either not doing enough, missing the mark or that DEI efforts are non-existent.

“It’s motivating to see diversity efforts being positively recognized by employees as companies strive to create more equitable and inclusive work environments,” says Kristin Kelley, Chief Marketing Officer at CareerBuilder. “Workers are at the core of what we do so creating a healthy company culture is of the utmost importance and continued education and listening will help employee retention and satisfaction.”

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As part of the survey, employees share some of the top ways companies can actively improve their diversity efforts:

  • 48% – hiring a more diverse workforce
  • 41% – promoting diversity across employees and leadership
  • 25% – improving company policies and practices
  • 21% – offering bias and diversity training for recruiters and leadership

About 1 in 5 employees say that diversity is also achieved through floating holidays for different cultures and practices, improved diversity messaging on marketing and website materials, and the creation of ERGs. Additionally, African American adults, Gen Z and Millennials are more likely than their counterparts to say these types of initiatives make them feel like a company is being more diverse.

Notably, the majority of U.S. adults (72%) say ERGs specifically play a critical role in promoting DEI including almost 1 in 4 of Millennials and Gen Z who cite ERGs as an essential solution to growing diversity. Importantly, Gen Z says ERGs enhance their employee experience (37%) and encourage them to stay at a company (30%) – aspects which can be important early in their growing careers.

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Recognizing the value of ERGs, U.S. adults say these are some additional benefits:

  • 33% say ERGs make them feel heard and valued
  • 32% say they promote cultural awareness
  • 30% suggest they foster an inclusive workplace
  • 29% say they improve company innovation and culture
  • 27% agree they provide an opportunity to meet colleagues

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