IBQMI Highlights CERTIFIED LEAN PROJECT MANAGER Certification as Gold-Standard Foundational Program for Increased Organizational Productivity and Cost Control

The International Business and Quality Management Institute LLC (IBQMI) recently underscored the CERTIFIED LEAN PROJECT MANAGER certification as one of its oldest and most respected project management programs. The certified Project Manager program builds self-confidence by teaching the principles of agility and lean objectives. It also prepares Project Managers to take roles as organizational leaders who plan, procure, and execute a wide variety of projects in the domain of business and engineering. Project Managers act as client representatives, ultimately determining and implementing solutions needed to meet the needs of organizational stakeholders. IBQMI® is a U.S. Government contractor, setting global training and certification standards while providing a full spectrum of easily accessible online training for professionals worldwide.

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“The CERTIFIED LEAN PROJECT MANAGER® was one of the first and most important certifications on the market,” said Melissa Hayes, Workforce Development/HR. “Because it combines techniques that teach managers fluency in lean, traditional project management. With this certification, you’ll have a solid understanding of crafting and leading projects that use proven techniques to help ensure organizational efficiency and overall growth. It’s really a backbone certification for any competent project manager because it helps managers visualize how to reduce operational costs. This is why the program continues to be a popular choice for businesses and organizations everywhere, and is absolutely necessary for those who want to round out their CV and increase their overall productivity skills.”

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IBQMI® Project Managers maintain a continual awareness of ongoing projects, providing a steady leadership presence to help accelerate goals and objectives from beginning to implementation, and beyond. Executive personnel regularly cite the Project Manager certification as an advantaged, “highly desirable” qualification – while experienced Project Managers routinely command six-figure salaries and up. IBQMI® Project Managers are able to wield multiple skills, including:

  • Execute planning and procurement of nearly any business or engineering project.
  • Routinely utilize knowledge and experience that displays management competency and lends credibility to any project.
  • Find more career opportunities and advancement, with nuanced understanding of client and stakeholder needs.
  • Display a solid understanding of leading projects and fluency in using lean techniques to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Unification of agile processes, creating an overarching common language within a standard framework.

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