Memfault and Dimension Four Partner to Enable Observability for Data-Driven Applications and Smart Devices

Dimension Four, a software technology company offering a high-performance, scalable, end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) platform, announces its partnership with cloud-based embedded device observability specialist, Memfault, to enable IoT companies to develop scalable and efficient devices. With this partnership, device makers will now be able to more quickly build two key components of their IoT design, device-to-app data transfer and robust remote device diagnostics.

Accelerating Development of Data Transport and Device Observability for IoT

Successful IoT product development and deployment at scale requires a significant and intelligent investment in infrastructure to manage and transport data to and from the cloud to maintain, support and upgrade devices. Unfortunately, many products fail in production because the infrastructure is not prepared to support the use case, and the right tools are not in place to understand what is causing issues. As a result, development costs are squandered, customers are left unhappy, and brands can suffer long-term damage. The Memfault and Dimension Four collaboration combines both companies’ solutions to accelerate the time and lower the cost to build and operate this infrastructure and solve these challenges with product OEMs. For device developers, Dimension Four and Memfault can optimize the access to data from devices and sensors for both application and device management, accelerate time to market through leveraging of existing technologies, and maximize connectivity usage and cloud services for best-in-class product capabilities.

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Dimension Four provides a hardware-agnostic IoT platform that collects data from sensors and other data sources, stores this data in a structured manner, and makes this available through their powerful GraphQL API. This enables companies to quickly get their IoT solutions up and running with great flexibility to create insight through their chosen dashboards while also making data accessible for further processing, for example, through machine learning.

Memfault provides an IoT device observability platform that focuses on solving development challenges by providing remote monitoring, debugging and over-the-air (OTA) updates at scale. As a result, support teams and engineers can proactively detect issues, understand the most critical issues, and fix each issue without a device RMA or customer interaction.

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With Dimension Four and Memfault, most of the infrastructure to create a great product is already built, quick to integrate, and guaranteed to interoperate, allowing the device maker to focus on their value-added applications.

“Dimension Four offers an API that enables companies to accelerate IoT development while also ensuring agnostic connectivity towards hardware,” said Devon Yablonski, Head of Business Development at Memfault. “With this technology, they are taking a strong position as a powerful IoT cloud platform. Memfault shares the mission of giving engineers tools they need without dictating product designs and getting them to market faster.”

“Memfault`s unique approach to embedded device data observability really resonated with our engineers and us, as it gives firmware developers insight into their products that they cannot get with any other tools,” says Dimension Four`s Chief Commercial Officer, Morten Steinvåg. “We are looking forward to working with Memfault to help companies accelerate their IoT journey and time to market while also reducing risk and cost.”

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