Calix Releases Cloud and Network Advancements for the Broadband Industry’s Only End-to-End Platform, Further Simplifying Operations for Broadband Providers

Latest advancements for the Calix Broadband Platform give broadband providers deeper network health insights, real-time outage notifications, and enhanced connectivity that simplifies their business while easily maintaining highly efficient, green networks

Calix, Inc. today announced enhancements to the Calix Broadband Platform that further enable broadband service providers (BSPs) to simplify their operations and run incredibly efficient broadband businesses. The Calix Platform (Calix Cloud®, Intelligent Access™, and Unlimited Subscriber™) enables BSPs to enhance and strengthen their operations, lower expenses, and run greener networks to sustain their business long into the future. With the latest updates to the industry’s only end-to-end broadband platform, BSPs of any size can now improve network health, leverage real-time outage notifications, and enhance connectivity to Calix SmartLife™ managed services, all while maintaining highly efficient, green networks with double-density PON technology.

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“Every quarter we introduce new advancements for our platform so we can continue enabling BSPs to build stronger networks and improve the delivery of managed services”

The latest updates to the Calix Platform now enable BSPs to become more operationally efficient and streamline connectivity within the communities they serve, including:

  • Improved operations with network health insights and real-time outage notifications. Enhancements to Calix Cloud enable operations teams to prioritize critical issues with improved outage detection, deeper insights, and customized, real-time alerts. This helps quickly detect and identify the cause, scale, and scope of service interruptions. Combined with network health metrics now available on a single dashboard, teams can quickly assess network issues and subscriber impacts for proactive network monitoring—with a single click. New updates also simplify inventory management, allowing teams to quickly identify devices specific to Calix SmartTown™ and Calix SmartBiz™, to keep systems up to date with the latest software and applications.
  • Enhanced connectivity and control for SmartLife managed services. Updates to Calix Cloud arm customer support teams with a secondary Ethernet WAN connection for their small business customers using SmartBiz, adding more resilience for critical systems. Together with new capabilities that offer time limit controls for staff on the network to improve productivity, BSPs can expand their addressable small business customer opportunities. Meanwhile, customer support teams serving residential subscribers with Calix SmartHome™ can leverage Calix Cloud to simplify adoption of BSP-branded versions of the CommandIQ® mobile app by emailing download links directly to subscribers.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership, including long-term power consumption with double-density PON technology for Intelligent Access. New double-density GPON optics and Calix Platform support for existing line cards enable BSPs to lower OPEX, reduce power consumption by up to 50 percent, and help further their sustainability initiatives. Double-density GPON and the previously supported, industry-first double-density XGS-PON technology enable the most cost-effective path toward network modernization.

“The Calix Platform has fundamentally changed how our team operates,” said Josh Rice, network operations center supervisor at Tipmont. “On day one with Calix Cloud, we had instant visibility to service disruptions and outages and were able to proactively troubleshoot issues for our members. As network operators, our lives are made easier with each new advancement to the platform, which is helping assure our members that we do what we say we’re going to do. With Calix innovation, we are rapidly transforming how we deliver value-added broadband services. Eliminating frustration and headaches for our members is resulting in great feedback and a +92 Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) that we’re continually improving.”

“Every quarter we introduce new advancements for our platform so we can continue enabling BSPs to build stronger networks and improve the delivery of managed services,” said Shane Eleniak, chief product officer at Calix. “This is making them more competitive, lowering operational costs and energy consumption, and redefining the subscriber experience. Improvements to Calix Cloud give BSPs better visibility into the network before they act—reducing avoidable disruptions and enabling the adoption of a proactive mindset. Because of these innovations on the Calix Platform, small teams are unlocking new levels of productivity that were once impossible to achieve.”

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