Torc Acquires Codealike to Advance Developer Productivity, Careers

Torc, the nearshore intelligent talent network connecting quality remote developers with jobs announced the acquisition of coding performance measurement application Codealike to empower software developers with even more data that increases skills, job opportunities and enterprise value.

“The acquisition of Codealike, improvement of its productivity metrics and free delivery to the Torc Community further demonstrate why Torc is a preferred talent network for on-demand software developers and the companies that need to hire them.”

Torc has expanded Codealike’s data and reporting capabilities as part of the relaunch. At no cost, Torc Community Members can visualize coding performance, draw insights about how to become an even stronger developer, and craft compelling quantified self-marketing assets to increase earnings and advance careers.

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“The acquisition of Codealike, improvement of its productivity metrics and free delivery to the keyboards of the Torc Community further demonstrate why Torc is a preferred talent network for on-demand professional software developers and the innovative companies that need to hire them,” said Michael P. Morris, CEO and Co-founder of Torc. “Torc aims to empower developers with data and intelligence, protect IP, increase upskilling and career opportunities, and make the remote workforce indispensable. Understanding performance data is the best way to do that.”

Technical debt (short term technical decisions that distract developers from coding new features) costs companies tens of billions of dollars per year. Analysts at McKinsey found “tech debt” to take up 15% – 60% of a company’s entire IT budget. According to Gartner, companies that find ways to reduce tech debt will lower service delivery times by at least 50%. With Codealike, Torc is uniquely positioned to help companies minimize tech debt, while giving developers control of their coding and performance.

Data is Power and Developers are in Control

Personalized coding performance data is organized in a visual way that makes it easy to understand developer strengths and improvement opportunities. Developers decide when and what Codealike statistics to share for gamified recognition, peer ranking, team interaction and virtual collaboration.

“Torc takes privacy seriously and is committed to protecting developer data; Torc Community Members decide whether or not to share information generated from using Codealike,” said David Messinger, CTO and Co-founder of Torc. “Integrity values like this are what differentiate Torc from others in the talent network space, and we’ll continue investing in the advancement of the software community’s skills and careers.”

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New Codealike features developed by Torc bring a human-centered approach to developer productivity and maximize career and earning potential. For a limited time, developers can access Codealike’s Premium features for free by creating a Torc Community Member account and completing at least 80% of their Torc profile.

“Torc is already an amazing nearshore talent network that cares about my career, but the addition of Codealike really makes it stand out from the crowd,” said Paulo Vitor Magacho, a Torc Community Member from Brazil who uses Codealike. “Access to my coding data is so important and sharing it gives even more opportunity to expand my skills and earning potential.”

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