SkillSurvey Announces Top-Performing “Career Ready” Colleges and Universities

Awards recognize top-performing institutions whose students received the highest evaluator ratings from over 60,000 supervisors and over 20,000 employers following an internship, co-op, or other work-related experience

SkillSurvey, the leading provider of talent intelligence and career readiness solutions, announced its first ever “Career Readiness Leader & Innovator Awards” to recognize institutions that demonstrate success in career readiness. SkillSurvey Career Readiness uses proven HR technology developed by I/O Psychologists based on behavioral science and job competency modeling so that students are rated on behaviors key to employers and to workplace success. Participating institutions obtain feedback from supervisors and co-workers following internships, co-ops, student employment, or other work experiences using behaviors mapped to the eight NACE competencies.

Over 170 Higher Education institutions have used SkillSurvey’s Career Readiness platform developed in partnership with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) to evaluate their students. SkillSurvey reviewed the student ratings of these schools and now recognizes the top performers with the highest-rated students from this group. These colleges and universities have taken the lead to measure students’ career readiness in the competency areas that employers value most.

“Congratulations to the winners! We’re thrilled to honor institutions that are innovative in supporting career readiness using SkillSurvey’s solution, which provides students and campus leaders with ‘hard data on soft skills’” said Randy Bitting, Head and Co-Founder of Career Readiness at SkillSurvey. “More than 170 higher ed partners are using SkillSurvey to bring consistency in measuring students’ readiness for the workforce, and we want to highlight the Leaders and Innovators for their results and commitment to student success.”

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SkillSurvey Career Readiness provides career services, student employment, and academic programs with individual Career Readiness Reports and first-of-its-kind data to discover insights into how ‘career ready’ their institution’s students are compared to students nationally and to actual job candidates.

Employers providing supervisor ratings and evaluative feedback via SkillSurvey encompass 20,000+ companies, government agencies and non-profits. Amazon, Apple, Daimler, Google, International Paper and Northwestern Mutual are among the top-20 companies submitting the most feedback on students.

*Note institutions are listed in alpha order for each category
**Students rated by Supervisors on 30 behaviors tied to 8 NACE competencies

Top 10 “Career Ready” Institutions**

  • Brigham Young University
  • Concordia University St. Paul
  • DePaul University
  • Emory University
  • O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University
  • Seton Hall University
  • State University of New York at Oswego
  • Temple University College of Liberal Arts
  • University of Maryland College Park
  • University of Virginia

Top 10 Institutions for “Critical Thinking” (Students rated by Supervisors on the NACE competency “Critical Thinking”)

  • Brigham Young University
  • Emory University
  • Florida State University
  • Regis University
  • Seton Hall University
  • State University of New York at Oswego
  • Temple University College of Liberal Arts
  • University of Florida
  • University of Virginia
  • Wellesley College

Top 5 “Career Ready” Business Schools**

  • Jack C. Massey College of Business – Belmont University
  • David Nazarian College of Business and Economics – California State University, Northridge
  • Fowler College of Business – San Diego State University
  • Heavener School of Business – University of Florida
  • Williamson College of Business Administration – Youngstown State University

Top 5 “Career Ready” Engineering Schools**

  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • The Ohio State University
  • University of South Alabama
  • University of South Carolina
  • Wichita State University

Top 10 Institutions with “Career Ready” Feedback for First-Generation College Students

  • Arizona State University
  • Cedar Crest College
  • Concordia University St. Paul
  • The City University of New York
  • George Mason University
  • Regis University
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • Schreiner University
  • University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • University of Houston

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Best Career Readiness Student Landing Page

  • Spelman College

Most Innovative Career Readiness Marketing

  • University of Miami – Marketing Theme: Get Performance Feedback
  • University of Toledo – Marketing Video

First Institutions Tying Career Readiness Ratings to Accreditation

  • Auburn University Samuel Ginn College of Engineering | ABET
  • Brigham Young University Communications Internships | Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC)
  • University of Toledo | The Higher Learning Commission
  • Purdue University Fort Wayne | AACSB
  • Oregon State University | AACSB

Most students posting Career Readiness Reports as LinkedIn certificates

  • Auburn University – Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
  • Emory University
  • State University of New York at Oswego
  • University of Maryland, College Park
  • University of Virginia

First Institution to Publicly Promote Career Readiness Results

  • University of Toledo

Early Start Innovator for Starting Career Readiness Awareness in Freshman Year

  • Purdue University Krannert School of Management

The dataset to identify top institution categories contained a total of 39,135 students across 175 institutions of Higher Education that had supervisor evaluations for at least 100 students. For each student, percentiles were computed based upon their average numeric ratings as compared against the distribution of ratings of all students. Institutions with the highest percentage of students falling at or above the 90th percentile for each educational institution were selected.

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