Nation’s Best Nurses Turn To Incredible Health for Top Jobs

The market-leading platform has the top nurses and health systems turning to the marketplace technology solution to quickly secure permanent nursing positions

Incredible Health, the fastest-growing career marketplace for healthcare workers, today unveiled new data points demonstrating its runaway success in drawing America’s top nurses to its innovative platform. Incredible Health was founded to address healthcare’s inefficient hiring systems and empower nurses to plan and manage their own careers. In the last 12 months, Incredible Health has tripled the number of nurses on its platform.

But the company isn’t just attracting nurses in volume; it’s also successfully enabling the highest qualified nurses in the nation to manage their careers and get hired in top permanent roles:

  • Two-thirds (66%) have three or more certifications compared to the national average of 40%
  • Nurses have an average of 11 years of experience, and 38% have more than 10 years of experience.
  • Nurses hold an average of three certifications, including certifications for key specialties like ICU and OR, with some nurses having as many as 15 certifications.
  • 67% of nurses hold specialties such as ICU, OR, Emergency, Cardiac Cath Lab, Labor & Delivery, and more. 14% are nurse managers.
  • 61% of nurses hold a BSN degree or higher, which is particularly important for Magnet-designated hospitals that are part of Incredible Health’s platform.
  • Nurses reviewed by Incredible Health’s network of over 500 hospital partners receive an average of 3 interview requests from employers, with an interview request sent every 90 seconds.

“The nurse hiring model is challenging for nurses and providers alike. Any nurse who dedicates themselves to seeking the highest qualifications and best education is going to be unsatisfied with a career where they do not have control over their own career advancement and job preferences,” said Incredible Health CEO and Co-founder Iman Abuzeid MD. “That’s why they’re turning to Incredible Health. We enable nurses to quickly find their dream permanent roles and get support in planning and managing their careers, while also helping health systems hire and retain top talent.”

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Nurses are in high demand yet consistently report having long timelines and difficulty finding the right role, often never hearing back from health systems they have applied to. Incredible Health flips the script, with hospitals applying to nurses, not the other way around, allowing busy nurses to interview at multiple health systems, complete thorough job searches, and confidently choose their new role. Nurses using Incredible Health get hired three times faster than national averages – in under 20 days.

Incredible Health is free for all nurses. Nurses use the platform as a one-stop-shop to find their dream permanent roles and plan and manage their careers. Nurses take advantage of Incredible Health’s streamlined platform and free features:

  • Salary Estimator – Incredible Health’s Salary Estimator, based on real-time data from the marketplace, helps give nurses a better idea of what they should expect to make based on geography and specialty, further enabling nurses to make more informed career decisions.
  • Free Continuing Education Courses – Incredible Health offers 100+ premium American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) accredited continuing education units (CEU’s) free of charge to ensure nurses are always up to date with their licensing requirements, and to ease their financial burden of the $240 million spent annually by U.S. nurses out of pocket for continuing education.
  • Personal Talent Advocate  Each nurse on the platform is paired with a Personal Talent Advocate who can provide interview coaching, share resume tips, and help evaluate their job offers.
  • Nurse Community & mental health tools – Two features added during the pandemic include the Incredible Health Nurse Community, a social network community built exclusively for nurses, and the Daily Nurse Journal, a digital journaling platform. These products were designed to help nurses build community, seek support and advice, or reflect on their workdays to help combat the high stress and burnout that is pervasive in the field.
  • Mobile-optimized nurse onboarding – Nurses can take advantage of iOS, Android, and mobile web applications to make it even easier to use Incredible Health and find and do their best work.

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“When I last applied for a job 17 years ago, it was through someone I knew. It is quite intimidating to start the process of finding a new role, no matter how much experience you have, and Incredible Health did all the heavy lifting for me,” said Kim Mctamney, RN. “I was looking for a NICU job and in less than a month on Incredible Health, I got the staff job offer for exactly what I was looking for.”

The nurse experience is a salient issue for everyone in the United States. High turnover due to stress, burnout, dissatisfaction, and nurses leaving the workforce hurts both care teams and hospitals and diminishes the quality of care for patients. However, Incredible Health’s solution is helping nurses find more fulfilling positions, and stay in them longer, a value hospitals recognize. Earlier this year, the company announced that 60% of the top-ranked hospitals in the United States work with Incredible Health for their permanent staffing needs. Incredible Health’s network of hospitals also benefits from a 15% higher retention rate with nurses hired through Incredible Health compared to nurses hired through traditional channels at one year. Incredible Health’s network of employers includes major health systems, such as Johns Hopkins Health System, Stanford Health Care, Kaiser Permanente, and HCA Healthcare. Hospitals on the platform include both union and non-union hospitals, academic and community hospitals, as well as Magnet and Non-Magnet designated hospitals.

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