Junior Achievement and Accenture Offer an Updated Work and Career-Readiness Resource for Students and Educators

  • Ja Connect Helps Teens “Connect” What They Learn in School to Life Outside the Classroom

Junior Achievement and Accenture announced the release of JA Connect, an updated work and career readiness resource for middle and high school students. JA Connect is a free online resource for teens and educators that helps students explore the world of work and how interests and education relate to work and career pathways. The current release of JA Connect is a significant update from the initial release of the platform in the fall of 2020 and includes enhanced activities to engage today’s learners. JA Connect is available at connect.JA.org.

“The future of work is already here, and it’s critical we help today’s young people better understand the connection between education and work and careers,” said Jack E. Kosakowski, President and CEO of Junior Achievement USA. “Accenture has been an invaluable partner in conceptualizing and developing JA Connect as a resource that students and educators can use to create plans or future academic and career success.”

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“At Accenture, we care deeply about the impact we have with our partners and communities,” said Cesar Villalta, Global Technology Security Leadership, Accenture. “Partnering with JA in this way allows us to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity to accelerate equality for all students, equipping them for future career success.”

JA Connect is Junior Achievement’s first self-guided student experience, featuring a flexible, modular repository of activities related to work and career readiness. The content is relevant to JA programs in the Work and Career Readiness Pathway and extends or enhances classroom content. The activities can also be used independently.

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All activities on JA Connect are bite-sized, averaging 5-10 minutes each. The JA Connect includes:

  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced content that allows student navigation through increasing
    levels of complexity
  • Highly interactive, media-rich, scenario-based learning
  • Work and Career Readiness content focused in four areas that high school students identified of primary interest:
    • What’s Work Like?
    • Plan Your Path
    • Working with Others
    • On the Job

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