INTOO USA, a leading provider of career development and transition solutions, announced that 90% of its on-demand coaching team has completed professional development training for best practices for coaching in a pandemic, including concerns such as career burnout, and is participating in ongoing unconscious bias and diversity training through the remainder of 2021.

According to Indeed’s Employee Burnout Report surveying 1,500 U.S. workers, 52% of respondents are experiencing burnout, and 67% believe the feeling increased over the pandemic.[1] INTOO’s training enables career coaches to identify burnout in job seekers and help them transform it to focused productivity. Coaches are also equipped to provide resources and tools addressing critical needs such as unemployment and federal aid during the pandemic and longer term career planning in an evolving and uncertain economy. In addition, coaches can better provide tactics for situations now common in the professional world, such as remote work and remote interviews.

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INTOO is the only outplacement provider offering unlimited, on-demand, in-platform coaching seven days a week, and this commitment to continuous professional development and training of career coaches allows candidates participating in its programs to be even better served during turbulent times. INTOO career coaches are now further qualified in:

  • Helping job seekers prevent career burnout at a time when it’s common, and convert stress into productivity
  • Offering career resources and tools to help with unemployment and federal aid during the pandemic and creating a career strategy in an unstable economy
  • Ethics and best practices for virtual coaching and wellness in our newly remote world

The company’s existing Whole Human coaching approach addresses the diverse aspects of the transition experience that impacts candidates, by offering guidance related to physical, emotional, financial, and professional wellbeing. INTOO’s personalized coaching methodology coupled with ongoing professional development on critical topics affecting candidates will allow coaches working with candidates to do so with increased confidence and empathy around unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion issues, and the challenges job seekers face brought about by the pandemic.

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Another current, but long-standing, problem that has recently gained widespread attention is lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. While many organizations have implemented initiatives around these issues, job seekers continue to face related hurdles, such as unconscious bias in job applications and interviews. As Judd Kessler and Corinne Low found in their research on bias in hiring, while 90% of the recruiters in their study reported a desire for a diverse workforce, their actions in the study, which asked them to rate resumes featuring randomly assigned characteristics (such as names, GPA, skills, and experience), said the opposite.[2] The professional development opportunities offered to INTOO USA coaches enables them to be aware of and overcome their own thoughts and behaviors while coaching, and to offer diverse populations guidance around bias that may occur in the job search process.

“The professionals who make up INTOO USA coaching team are among the most empathetic and effective; providing one-on-one guidance to job seekers from all industries and all career levels. It’s why their satisfaction score consistently rates 97%,” says CEO Yair Riemer. “As a global provider with reach in 102 countries, we are constantly incorporating worldwide trends into our coaching and candidate experience. This additional training further enables our candidates to build resilience and develop strategies to meet common challenges in today’s working world.”

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2. Judd Kessler and Corinne Low, “Research: How Companies Committed to Diverse Hiring Still Fail,” Harvard Business Review, February 11, 2021.

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