Increasing Demand For Psychology Skills In The Workplace

Increasing demand for psychology skills in the workplace is driven not only by an investor’s focus on environmental, sustainability and governance criteria, but also makes good financial sense.

Businesses that invest in mental health programs can expect a 200 per cent return on their investment. A Deloitte research team identified this significant ROI in 2019 – well before the COVID-19 pandemic challenged employee wellbeing like never before.

With the new 100% online Graduate Diploma in Psychology from UTS, students will develop their capacity to apply psychological theory and science so they can upskill or fast-track a career change.

Dr Phoebe Bailey is Associate Professor of Psychology at UTS and doesn’t see employers’ demand for psychology skills reducing anytime soon.

“In the next 10 years employers will increasingly demand technological, social, emotional and advanced cognitive skills – all of which are key outcomes of our graduate diploma courses in psychology.”

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The courses aren’t designed exclusively for retraining as a psychologist, however, the Graduate Diploma in Psychology is your first step towards pursuing a career in psychology. Students will gain contemporary knowledge and practical skills that will prepare them to harness the power of psychology in various professional contexts.

With insights into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of human activity, the scientist-practitioner and researcher in psychology can help inform policies, processes and practices that support values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These are skills that enable you to change lives, organisations, and communities in positive ways.

Job titles such as Safety and Wellbeing Adviser and Wellbeing Manager can already be found in organisations around Australia. These are Human Resources roles that are likely to be directly involved in mental health programs as well as setting broader strategies around wellbeing.

Psychological science can also influence other areas of business, such as Marketing, where Market Research Analysts apply their psychology knowledge. The role of Fashion Psychologist studies consumer habits and researches the impact of fashion on wellbeing for global brands such as L’Oréal and Condé Nast.

Psychology degrees are also powering education careers in roles such as School Counsellor and careers in healthcare for Disability Services Officers.

“Our capstone career readiness subject ensures that students are competitive for a place in the postgraduate program of their choice or for a wide variety of workplaces that value skills as a psychological scientist,” says Dr Bailey.

UTS Online’s psychology courses offer a modern curriculum guided by the Australian Indigenous Psychology Education Project (AIPEP).

AIPEP is developing the capability of psychology graduates to work effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It’s also increasing the recruitment, retention and graduation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in psychology degrees.

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“An Indigenous curriculum is embedded across our courses, guided by UTS Indigenous academics and the Australian Indigenous Psychology Education Project.”

“The degree centres around values of social justice and inclusion so that our graduates will contribute to positive change in diverse settings,” says Dr Bailey.

With the aim of addressing health inequality through social responsibility and cultural responsiveness, the course content has been developed in line with the highly-regarded American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines.

Graduates will have the potential to design evidence-based and culturally-responsive intervention strategies, which are grounded in industry standards of ethical thinking and reflective practice.

“An emphasis on research, communication and interpersonal skills will ensure that our students are sought out by employers,” says Dr Bailey.

Businesses already know the value of psychology skills in the workplace, so career opportunities are just waiting for students who recognise the power of psychological science in making positive change.

Make a positive change in your career with the 100% online Graduate Diploma in Psychology and the Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) from UTS Online.

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