Fujitsu Honored With the Mayor’s Award 2021 as an “Osaka City Leading Company in Women’s Participation,” Receives First Prize in Large-Scale Enterprise Category

Fujitsu announced that it has been recognized with the Mayor’s Award as an “Osaka City Leading Company in Women’s Participation” in the Large Enterprise category.

Osaka City certifies companies that are making outstanding efforts in providing women with a comfortable work environment under its “Osaka City Leading Companies in Women’s Participation and Advancement” scheme. Evaluation criteria include factors such as the ratio of female employees in managerial positions, measures to support work-life balance and measures to encourage male employees to take childcare leave. Fujitsu received a 2-star verification.

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The Mayor’s Award is an annual award given to companies that have achieved 2-star verification and have made particularly outstanding efforts. Fujitsu was awarded the First Prize for its outstanding efforts to promote the empowerment of female employees in the Large Enterprise category in 2021.

Fujitsu is promoting diversity and inclusion based on the Fujitsu Way(1) and has defined its vision, strategic goals, and priority areas to realize its goal of building an inclusive culture under the slogan “Be Completely You”. As one of these priority areas, Fujitsu is promoting respect for diversity and gender equality by establishing an executive sponsor to support gender issues, holding events related to International Women’s Day, supporting all employees in balancing childcare or nursing care, and holding career workshops for female members who aim to apply for managerial positions. Going forward, Fujitsu will continue to focus not only on gender issues, but also on a wide range of topics including LGBT+, health and disability, support of diverse cultures and ethnicity, as well as innovative work styles, diverse communication styles, multi-culturalism and will conduct various inclusion initiatives to harness individual diversity.

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Evaluation points (excerpt from Osaka City press release)

In order to encourage the promotion of women in executive and managerial positions, Fujitsu has implemented training programs focused on cultivating a challenging mindset through dialogue with management and female leaders, and has achieved results in increasing the ratio of women in executive and managerial positions.

To eliminate concerns and questions about childbirth and childcare leave for employees and to promote understanding among the people around them, Fujitsu is holding seminars to explain the support system to balance work with childcare to all employees as well as panel discussions for employees who have taken childcare leave. By fostering a corporate culture that promotes diverse working styles, the rate of men taking childcare leave has increased notably.

To encourage men to participate in childcare, the number of days of “maternity and childcare support leave” that spouses and partners can take before and after childbirth with 100% wage compensation has been increased from 5 days to 20 days, contributing to an improvement in male employees’ attitudes about playing an active role in childcare and alleviating the anxiety related to income and career development associated with taking childcare leave.

(1) Fujitsu Way :
Composed of three principles: the raison d’etre of the Fujitsu Group in society (“Purpose”), important values for the whole Fujitsu Group, and the principles of how each employee should behave in his or her daily activities (code of conduct).

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