Armanino’s New Accelerated Path to Manager Program Shortens Path to Leadership to 4 Years

  • Unique Among Large Accounting and Consulting Firms, Program Bolsters Ranks of Expert Professionals, Offers Unbridled Career Opportunities

Armanino LLP, one of the 25 largest accounting and business consulting firms in the US., announced its Accelerated Path to Manager program, the first of its type among large accounting and consulting firms, which shortens the typical career path of becoming a manager from five or six years down to four.


By providing employees an accelerated path to leadership roles within the firm, Armanino is demonstrating its commitment to developing people and enabling their career success by helping them develop specialized technical skillsets and leadership skills to lead teams and meet clients’ needs. New hires will be exposed to more advanced thinking and skills earlier in their career, pushing against the traditional pathway to leadership in accounting and consulting firms while enabling Armanino to bolster its ranks of experts. Further, entry-level work is changing thanks to automation, and the Accelerated Path to Manager program accelerates skill development so employees can advance to higher-level work earlier in their careers, with full support through their career journey.

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“As we looked at the state of our industry and what our clients need most, we identified a terrific opportunity to help people reach career milestones more quickly and to offer the type of expert advice our clients seek in a trusted advisor,” said Matt Armanino, CEO of Armanino. “We’re adapting our workforce for the future, allowing us to move faster and offer advanced guidance and expertise in a volatile, uncertain market. Our clients will be able to tap into a greater pool of strategic staff who are ready to tackle high-level, real-life challenges. We’re also proud to lead the way for large firms by offering an accelerated path to leadership with this approach to growing our talented people.”

“Accelerated Path to Manager means our people can meet their career goals faster, and we’re offering a different type of large-firm experience for young stars who are eager to gain experience, lead teams and become go-to experts,” said Carol Ann Nash, Chief People Officer at Armanino. “We’re doubling down and investing heavily in programs that focus on our people and their development needs in a changing work environment, allowing our entry-level employees to take on higher-level work and grow more earlier in their careers. By allowing our team members to drive their career journeys at an accelerated pace, we’re making sure their progress and advancement is not hindered by time or outmoded ways of thinking about career success.”

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To help employees progress through the Accelerated Path to Manager program, Armanino’s robust Learning & Development team designed a comprehensive curriculum that bridges technical expertise, industry knowledge and the leadership skills needed to become successful managers. The curriculum focuses on skills, training and competencies employees should master each year, laying out a clear, attainable path to advance from associate to manager in only four years. The program applies to Armanino’s core accounting functions and will be expanded into other areas in 2022.

Components of the curriculum include industry certification through the firm’s Industry Edge program; completion of practice-specific training through Elevate Learn, the firm’s self-directed learning and development tool; engagement in practice-specific simulations; continuing professional education and CPA licensure; and involvement in Armanino’s Staff Advisory Board, The Bridge women’s initiative or the IDEAL (Inclusion of Diverse Employees and Leaders) team through participation in sessions or by serving on those groups’ leadership teams. With ongoing check-ins, participants receive guidance to ensure they’re on target with their development and reaching milestones.

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