Unions Harness Transparency and Trust with Indeavor

Dynamic, union-driven organizations are changing the way they manage complex employee scheduling, planning, and engagement by leveraging Indeavor’s first-to-market People Operations Platform. Through purpose-built technology, Indeavor has developed real-time transparency and automated adherence to union, local, and federal rules.

The relationship between union and company employees is more important than ever for both individual organizations and global economic growth. Indeavor is enabling a culture of trust and transparency through its differentiated functionally, including:

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  1. Serving as a single-source system of record for all relevant work rules, including Union, Local or Federal requirements
  2. Maintaining a record of adherence to all rules for both Union and Company employees
  3. Providing real-time visibility of schedules and associated rules to all levels of the organization through web and mobile mediums

“The relationship between union and company employees has long been underserved,” says Brandon Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer at Indeavor. “With verticalized technology, priorities such as strong union-company working partnerships and operational optimization no longer have to be mutually exclusive.”

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14 million unionized employees are currently represented within the US domestic labor market. This is expected to increase in both private and public sectors, with 2022 seeing a 58% increase YOY in petition submissions to the National Labor Relations Board.

With primary focus areas such as consistent schedules, flexible work, and safe workspaces, technology is a key enabler to optimal employee experience and business objective achievement.Indeavor is the world’s leading People Operations Platform – a modern, cloud application enabling your industrial enterprise to plan, schedule, manage, and engage your workforce in accordance with whatever you create, protect, or produce. Never use excel or paper to schedule your employees again – digitize and streamline the entire process with Indeavor

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