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Microsoft Teams Bots Powered by NITRO Studio Workflows Bring Business Process Automation to Microsoft Office 365

Crow Canyon Software’s Bots for Microsoft Teams, combined with NITRO Studio Workflows, give organizations the power to turn Teams into a full business process automation platform.

Crow Canyon Software announces that its Microsoft Teams Bots are now fully integrated with its NITRO Studio Workflows, bringing a full range of business process automation to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams bots provide increased functionality to Teams users. However, many of these bots are simply automated interfaces to FAQs. True business process automation bots require much more than interaction with a database of questions and answers.

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That is where Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio comes into play. NITRO Studio gives power users the tools they need to create applications that automate business processes in SharePoint and Office 365. Now, Crow Canyon has extended NITRO Studio Workflows to work fully with Microsoft Teams bots.

Virtually any kind of business process can now be initiated, managed, and interacted with from within Teams, such as:

  • Leave Requests
  • IT Support
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing
  • Asset Tracking
  • Work Orders

One example is an approval workflow, such as vacation requests. An end user enters a leave request while in Teams. The manager is notified and takes action to approve the request. The user is notified of the manager’s decision. The time off is written to a calendar and sent on to HR. All interactions – user creating the request, manager approving it, notifications to the user and HR – take place in Teams.

Another case is IT Support. The end user goes to the bot in Teams and asks a question or presents an issue. The bot tries to provide an answer. If it cannot, the bot creates a ticket for the user. The IT Staff can assign and update the support ticket through Teams. All notifications go back and forth in Teams. The ticket can be closed and a survey sent out to the user, all inside Teams.

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