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Globalization Partners Completely Automates Global Expansion

Globalization Partners, which simplifies global business by enabling companies to hire talent in 180+ countries without the complexity of setting up international branch offices or subsidiaries, today announced the next evolution of its proprietary Employer of Record (EOR) platform by unveiling its Self-Service Global Expansion Experience.

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Built in-house by a team of world-class engineers and industry experts, the Self-Service Global Expansion Experience is a cloud-based, customer-led journey that streamlines the process of building global teams by putting the country-specific requirements of onboarding at the customer’s fingertips. Companies can choose a new country to expand into, approve costs to hire identified talent, generate a locally-compliant employment contract, and issue insurance benefits. The employees are supported via Globalization Partners’ entities on the ground in each country, enabling customers to bypass the complexities associated with navigating cross-border legal, HR, and tax issues in-house. Globalization Partners’ technology simplifies and expedites the international hiring process, but automation can’t always replace the value of access to industry experts. That’s why, whenever needed, personalized service from Globalization Partners’ team is always just a click away.

The Self-Service Global Expansion Experience is part of Globalization Partners’ EOR platform that allows businesses to compliantly grow and manage their global teams–all in one place. The automated technology comes at a time in which the Employer of Record industry is increasingly on the rise as a means for forward-thinking companies to expand their teams globally. A recent report from industry analyst firm NelsonHall found that despite the recent global economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, buyers of global EOR services show no signs of stopping their expansion efforts, with EMEA and APAC being the top targeted regions for expansion. The research also named Globalization Partners as an industry leader among its peers.

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Globalization Partners is the only Global EOR with a completely streamlined platform as well as a built in-house global legal infrastructure, which ensures the quality and compliance it provides to customers. The combination is absolutely critical given that an employer of record manages the intellectual property generated by employees and other complex cross-border matters for its customers.

“The core value of the global EOR service model centers on its ability to enable greater speed and agility for HR in supporting timely, compliant global expansion initiatives for the business,” said Pete Tiliakos, Principal Research Analyst, NelsonHall. “The infusion of modern technology and automation like the Self-Service Global Expansion Experience will accelerate the speed in executing strategic initiatives, further amplifying the service’s value by empowering multinational firms with on-demand capability to quickly assess, contract, and onboard talent in targeted countries.”

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