Transforming Employee Feedback Leapsome Introduces AI-Powered Performance Feedback Enhancements

Integrated into Leapsome’s Reviews module, the new AI feature empowers managers to ensure clear, consistent, and impactful employee feedback.

Leapsome, the all-in-one intelligent people enablement platform, announces the public release of the first element of a suite of platform enhancements backed by generative AI. The new feedback enhancement feature, integrated into Leapsome Reviews, is now universally available to all Leapsome customers.

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Effective written communication is critical remote, hybrid, and asynchronous work. Not all managers have the same confidence or preference for written communication, leading to variances in the clarity, actionable language, and impact of their feedback. Leapsome’s feedback enhancement feature, backed by generative AI, aims to bridge this gap by allowing all managers to optimize their written feedback and ensure their comments are constructive, well-written, and consistent with peer review comments. This guarantees all employees receive productive, well-rounded, actionable feedback – regardless of their manager’s writing skills.

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Integrated into its Reviews module and available on demand, Leapsome’s new AI features offer multiple benefits to enhance performance reviews:

  • Improved feedback: Transform manager thoughts into constructive, helpful, and impactful comments.

  • Simplified summaries: Provide a concise overview of feedback from peers and direct reports at a click.

  • Boosted writing confidence: Check spelling and grammar to reduce misunderstandings and improve writing quality.

  • Learning opportunities: AI could identify opportunities commonly overlooked in general feedback, leading to deeper learning.

  • Reduced bias: Minimize human bias to focus on genuine issues and growth areas.

  • Streamlined reviews: Accelerate the feedback process without sacrificing evaluation quality.


Transforming Employee Feedback: Leapsome Introduces AI-Powered Performance Feedback Enhancements

Overall, the AI tool enables a more effective, unbiased, and impactful review process by empowering all managers to provide quality feedback that yields more productive and actionable outcomes for their direct reports. Additionally, it serves as a real-time learning tool for less confident writers, providing insights on improving their written feedback.

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Kajetan von Armansperg, Co-CEO of Leapsome, comments: “We view AI’s role in HR as an accelerator, optimizer, and improver of content created by humans. We strongly believe in the potential of our new AI features, designed to enhance, not replace, the human role in performance reviews. Feedback should always be prepared and written by a human. But some humans are more confident writers than others. When technology is available to accelerate, streamline, and improve our work — we should embrace it! This enhancement allows all managers to optimize their written feedback based on best practices to ensure their comments are constructive, providing direct reports with more impactful takeaways.”

“What we shipped today provides a first glimpse at an exciting roadmap of AI enhancements that we will ship over the coming months. We do not envision AI taking over the manager role,” adds von Armansperg. “The role of a manager is nuanced, complex, and must be tailored to individual needs and personalities. Our AI features are a powerful tool that supplements this role, not replaces it. It is one more step towards our mission to make work more fulfilling for everyone.”

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