SymphonyAI Announces IRIS Workspace, a Live Collaboration Environment to Analyze and Troubleshoot Industrial Operations

Comprehensive collaboration workspace powered by dataops and a generative AI copilot that unify knowledge across assets, processes, and people

SymphonyAI, a leader in predictive and generative enterprise AI SaaS, announced IRIS Workspace, a no-code application for industrial knowledge workers to engage in a live, collaboration environment with all relevant information for rapid problem-solving.

“We congratulate SymphonyAI on the launch of IRIS Workspace.”

IRIS Workspace empowers cross-functional teams to simultaneously engage with time-series, P&IDs (piping and instrument diagrams), documents, drawings, and images in a shared workspace for real-time problem solving using unified and contextualized data from IRIS Foundry, an AI powered, composable industrial dataops platform. Industrial users can collaborate within or across teams in a live environment, including adding notes and comments, notifying users, and drawing freehand or using the built-in annotation toolbar. Additionally, IRIS Workspace provides governance capabilities including version tracking and data and user audit. IRIS Workspace seamlessly integrates with the IRIS Copilot, introducing powerful generative and predictive AI into the collaboration workspace to provide search, summarization, insights, pattern recognition, and recommendations.

Research indicates that collaboration can improve industrial worker productivity by up to 25% and dramatically accelerates problem solving by reducing the time to access relevant information by 83%. In the complex world of manufacturing and industrial automation, access to cognitive and contextualized data combined with collaboration among knowledge workers delivers significant tangible ROI for process improvement, asset utilization, and quality management. Today, analysis is manual and error-prone, as users struggle to access siloed data sources, each often only available to a limited number of people.

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Plant managers, data scientists, executives and other industrial knowledge workers can use the infinitely sized IRIS Workspace to create highly interactive and live data analysis boards to share with operators and other users for continuous iterations. Teams can have deep dive discussions in IRIS Workspace and use generative AI to aggregate and summarize contextualized data. Users can tag colleagues, comment on changes, and reach conclusions in hours or minutes that previously would have taken days.

Commenting on the launch, Sukant Acharya, Executive Vice President & Global Business Head – Sustainability, IoT and Industry NeXT, HCLTech, said, “We congratulate SymphonyAI on the launch of IRIS Workspace.” He further adds, “HCLTech and Symphony AI are committed to advancing transformation of the manufacturing and industrial sector powered by Gen AI. By combining HCLTech’s Industry NeXT solution and capability suite and SymphonyAI’s IRIS Foundry platform, the collaboration will empower enterprises with real-time data collaboration and accelerated innovation.”

“With IRIS Foundry, we took bold strides to profoundly and meaningfully simplify our customers’ operational transformation with predictive and generative AI at scale,” said Prateek Kathpal, president of SymphonyAI’s industrial division. “IRIS Workspace delivers the power of a unified data platform to users’ fingertips for real-time, interactive collaboration that significantly increases productive teamwork, supports informed decision-making through data visualization, and captures breakthrough outcomes to rapidly remediate or even prevent future problems.”

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