Mojawa Unveils The HaptiFit Terra: A Complete Sport and Fitness Solution with Bone Conduction and AI Training

Athletes can track, tune, and thrive with the first head-mounted AI Sports Trainer

Today at CES 2024, leading manufacturer of bone conduction headphones Mojawa introduces the HaptiFit Terra, the industry’s first integrated smart sports device combining haptic technology, bone conduction audio, and an AI Sports Trainer in a comfortable, head-mounted design. The HaptiFit Terra shifts fitness tracking from post-workout to real-time with a dynamic audio-haptic interaction and training experience that enables runners, swimmers, and cyclists to improve on and crush their fitness goals. Mojawa will show HaptiFit Terra for the first time at Pepcom’s Digital Experience! event in Las Vegas, and at CES in booth #54505 in the Venetian. The device is available for pre-sale for $199.99 and will be available widely in March 2024 for $299.99.

HaptiFit Terra: AI + Open Ear Bone Conduction Take Training to the Next Level

With the HaptiFit Terra, Mojawa unites listening and fitness tracking to deliver a first-of-its-kind integrated smart sport experience for athletes to up their game. The all-in-one sports tracking device features haptic controls and responses, and an AI Sports Trainer that elevates workouts into complete training sessions with automatically generated exercise plans. The device delivers heart rate, pace, step count, calories, swimming lap and distance, and other real-time notifications to keep athletes’ goals at the forefront and enable users to adjust their speed, set new personal records, and achieve more.

HaptiFit Terra’s frame is sleek, designed with speed in mind. In titanium alloy, it is light and comfortable, hooking around each ear to maintain the ability to hear surroundings even when listening to music for added awareness and safety, while also providing highly accurate sports tracking that doesn’t interrupt the flow of activity or jostle on the wrist or arm. It’s also IP68 dustproof and waterproof to withstand any workout environment, whether on the road, on a trail, or even in the pool.

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The HaptiFit Terra is packed with features to enhance every training session, including:

  • Bone Conduction Listening: Athletes tuning into their favorite tracks and motivational playlists can enjoy clear, dynamic sound with dual spring magnetically levitated brass – completely outside the ear via bone conduction.
  • Tuning with Haptic Controls: Along with vibrations that give training guidance, 3D pressure-sensitive haptic controls make it easy to select activity type, hear activity stats, adjust the volume, activate lights, and more, with a simple touch.
  • Elegant, Illuminated Design: HaptiFit Terra features an elegant design with adjustable and dynamic glow lights that illuminate to indicate high heart rate and add safety for workouts in low-light conditions.
  • Music Storage: Connecting easily to any device via Bluetooth, the HaptiFit Terra also has 32GB of storage so users can train without bringing their phone with them – a feature especially useful for swimmers.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life: The headphones will outlast most athletes’ training programs with eight hours of battery life and high-speed magnetic charging that can complete in just one hour.

Companion App for Complete Control and Tracking

HaptiFit Terra’s companion app brings the AI Sports Trainer and sports tracking to life post-workout, showing athletes their stats and progress and enabling users to control their music, lighting effects, full sport tracking, adaptive exercise plans, and more. The iOS and Android app will also include social interaction, enabling athletes to share their stats with friends, coaches, and trainers in real-time — or even ignite some healthy competition, later in 2024.

“Mojawa is dedicated to transforming everyday life into extraordinary experiences with our haptic and bone-conducting technologies. We are thrilled to unveil the HaptiFit Terra, a first-of-its-kind head-mounted device that brings athletes of all levels a complete and integrated experience to support their training goals with both music motivation and real-time AI-generated insights and workout recommendations. With a new AI Sports Trainer, HaptiFit Terra will propel athletes to the next level with the ability to easily track, tune, and thrive in any workout,” said Mojawa CEO Robin Cao.

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