CodeMonkey Announces its AI Course: Introducing Young Innovators into the World of Artificial Intelligence

Children and students can now embark on a thrilling journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence with CodeMonkey’s latest offering tailored for grades 5-8. This captivating course is designed to introduce kids to the fundamental concepts of AI, covering diverse aspects from ethics to practical applications such as image and language models, machine learning techniques, and neural networks. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, students delve into model training using image and pose models, subsequently applying this newfound knowledge to create personalized games.

Included within this innovative learning experience are teacher guides, comprehensive course explanations, interactive Q&A sessions, creation games, and student review questions—equipping both educators and students with the tools for an immersive and enriching exploration into the realm of AI.

The learning and review segment includes 16 engaging lessons complemented by a slideshow guide and targeted review questions. Then students can access 3 creation lessons, fostering a holistic understanding of AI principles while igniting creativity through game creation. Prioritizing children’s privacy, the course ensures COPPA-compliant webcam safety for creation games—images are transformed into vectors, guaranteeing no collection or storage of images.

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Knowledge of AI opens doors to various career paths in technology, robotics, data science, and more. Early exposure allows children to explore these fields and develop an interest that could potentially lead to a fulfilling career.

Platforms like CodeMonkey can play an important role in introducing AI concepts in a fun, interactive, and engaging manner suitable for children. CodeMonkey’s AI course serves as the perfect introduction to the cutting-edge technology shaping the future of Computer Science.

CodeMonkey is a leading coding for kids program. Through its award-winning courses, millions of students learn how to code in real programming languages. CodeMonkey offers an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for schools, after-school clubs and camps as well as self-paced online courses to learn coding at home.

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