A new report from RedThread Research, Unlocking the Hidden C-Suite Power: People Analytics, offers insights and analyses into the role of people analytics in helping the C-suite with a wide array of challenges, from understanding retention drivers to quantifying the impact of incentive schemes. During the pandemic, the C-suite and senior leaders relied heavily on people analytics to track employee sentiment and to figure out how to adapt to new business priorities. This report notes that a growing opportunity exists for the C-suite, Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), and people analytics leaders to use people data as a superpower, and delves into what they need to do to address challenges and priorities.

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Key findings from the report reveal that:

    • Insights from people analytics can drive millions of dollars of impact for individual companies.
    • C-suite, Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), and people analytics leaders must partner differently to enable those significant impacts.
    • C-suite leaders need to often and clearly communicate business strategy, invite people analytics in, seek answers, model using people data, and expect, enable, and fund integrated data.
    • CHROs need to use data to underpin HR efforts, connect people analytics to large-scale, strategic challenges, be the greatest salesperson for people analytics, and get themselves out of the way.
  • People analytics leaders need to reframe and contextualize complex business questions, create digestible business insights that can drive decisions, help leaders see around corners, and enable rapid truth-telling.

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“We know that the Boards’ and CEOs’ agendas have never been more crowded with talent-related topics but there’s a significant under-investment by orgs in people analytics. We wanted to find out what types of challenges people analytics can help the C-suite leaders solve, how people analytics leaders can partner with C-suite leaders to solve those challenges, and what roles tech and organizational culture play in enabling that partnership to drive big fiscal impact,” said Stacia Garr, Co-founder and Principal Analyst of RedThread Research, and co-author of the report. “Our research tells us that organizations are just at the beginning of what they’ll be able to do with people analytics. C-suite, CHROs, and people analytics leaders need to work together to unlock the power of people analytics today to be ready for the capabilities of the future.”

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