Lever’s Spring Release: Introducing Automation Workflows, Advanced Analytics, Candidate Surveys, and Partner Enhancements

With this release, Lever is announcing a host of significant upgrades to help companies scale faster and more efficiently. Lever is adapting its Talent Acquisition Suite as all companies respond to new ways of working, and as the availability of talent changes rapidly. The Spring Release provides new automation, analytics, candidate experience capabilities, and an expanded partner ecosystem.

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Lever’s Spring Release will help companies scale faster and more efficiently during this time.

These updates further empower teams to take a multi-channel approach to their talent strategy, better report on talent data, and automate processes to move faster with less resources. Here are the highlights:

Talent Automation Workflows

Automation Workflows lays the foundation for efficiency across recruiting and people organizations in a time where many are adapting to a changing world where talent supply exceeds demand, a shift from the previous decade.

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Some examples of what it can do:

➢ Add auto-screening questions at the time of application

➢ Email the hiring manager when the hire is made with the survey link to capture their experience and feedback

➢ Notify HR and people teams when a hire is made to trigger onboarding and provisioning processes

The benefits of automated workflows include more process consistency, the ability to handle the increased candidate volume, and cleaner data.

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