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HR Acuity Announces Product and Data Enhancements to Reduce Harassment and Improve User Experience

SaaS Employee Relations Management Platform Expands Data, Analytics and Manager Capabilities to Predict Trends and Improve Enterprise Employee Experience

HR Acuity, the only technology platform specifically built for employee relations and investigation management, announced it has enhanced its product and analytics platform so clients can better identify patterns of harassment and discrimination as well as engage their business leaders in addressing employee workplace issues. The capabilities are based on feedback from clients and the HR Acuity Employee Relations Roundtable, the only industry community of its kind, representing the company’s commitment to user experience and empowering employee relations professionals to build better, safer workplaces.

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, and today’s successful companies are highly focused on creating fair, consistent employee experiences. HR Acuity provides the only platform specifically designed for managing employee issues and enabling employee relations and HR teams to create a trusted, consistent approach.

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The value of the platform was recently validated in a study commissioned by Forrester Consulting. The study found that organizations that deploy HR Acuity can achieve an overall ROI of 520 percent within three years from avoided and mitigated legal risk and costs, reduced turnover and improved employee relations team efficacy.

The expanded platform includes:

  • A new manager portal. Effectively addressing employee issues is a collaborative effort across the business, HR and employees. The manager portal is easy to use, mobile-first and enables business leaders to quickly document employee issues, adding data to the same centralized repository used across the organization. With this tool, leaders are empowered to partner with employee relations to create actionable insight across the enterprise.
  • Expanded benchmarking and analytics. New reports and scores enable comparison of case volumes to peer companies, offering insight for executive planning. For example, companies can quickly benchmark harassment case volume compared to other organizations, shedding light on whether their enterprise is typical.
  • Employee-relations-centered data model. In addition to the powerful data and analytics already available in HR Acuity, the foundational Data Model is being rearchitected to work specifically for employee relations data, the only data model of its kind to do so. Through the use of predictive analytics and machine learning, multi-dimensional insights will be easily accessible for key stakeholders to immediately understand the impact of employee and leader behaviors. These will include real-time actionable insights such as alerts indicating high risk cases, KPIs predicting declining case health and dashboards that illustrate when performance plans dip below industry and company benchmark levels.

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“Predictive data and insights are the future of every business and function, and employee relations and HR are no different. In fact, driving insight from employee data is essential for uncovering patterns that can reduce harassment and improve employee experiences,” said Dushyant Zutshi, Vice President of Product Management, HR Acuity. “Our clients and our roundtable community of experts provide the expertise and data that power the models and benchmarks we are now able to offer. We are thrilled to work closely with them to provide the insight needed to build better, safer workplaces.”

“No company wants to be the next hashtag,” said Deb Muller, CEO and Founder of HR Acuity. “We are committed to helping our clients manage their workplace risk and protect their reputations while actively improving their employee experiences. We look forward to continuing to lead through data, analytics and improved user experience.”

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