Empiricai, a provider of Advanced Analytics for corporate and industrial customers, today launched WorkSafe Analytics to monitor and evaluate COVID safety guidelines compliance in real-time.

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Empiricai’s WorkSafe Analytics leverages next-generation Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence algorithms to deliver real-world workplace safety insights. It provides peace of mind for employers and employees in a variety of workplaces, including manufacturing plants, construction sites, corporate offices and customer-facing branches. WorkSafe Analytics can be configured to monitor regulations on social distancing and occupancy as COVID risks change.

In the face of heightened safety concerns, employers want to provide their employees with a safe and productive environment while minimising disruption to the business. Already returning businesses are dealing with spikes in infections, nervous returners and changing regulations which can affect work processes and decimate productivity.

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Empiricai CEO, Salman Chaudhary, said, “At this period of economic uncertainty for the global economy, businesses need help to manage employee safety and business productivity. Unlike other ‘point’ solutions which offer limited coverage at entry points or procedural and manual checking, WorkSafe Analytics provides insights on how effective current measures are. Employers can see where they need to do more with education, awareness or physical measures to improve safety. We believe this combination of real-time monitoring and measurement of effectiveness will bring confidence to a future of work which is safer for all.”

Key Features of Empiricai’s WorkSafe Analytics include:

  • PPE violation detection – ensures face masks and other Personal Protective Equipment are worn properly where and when required across the workplace.
  • Real time social distancing and occupancy monitoring – leveraging Computer Vision AI to provide a real-time view of social distancing and occupancy threshold violations in your workplace, with heatmaps to highlight areas of concern.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting – compliance at room, building, site-wide levels and their trends over time, allowing organisations to measure the effectiveness of their education, awareness, or physical measures.

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